Sorbet - A Great Cool and Refreshing Dessert

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  • Sorbet - A Great Cool and Refreshing


    Sorbet is a cool and refreshing dessert choice that is a great alternative to ice cream having only 130 calories per service as

    opposed to traditional ice creams 140-150 calories per serving. They come in an assortment of flavors and can be used as a

    delicious treat on a hot day or as an elegant dessert choice for a dinner party. You can place a serving of your favorite

    sorbets in beautiful glass dessert bowls and you will impress your guests with this very sophisticated looking treat. There

    are even sellers that make them with 65-85 percent pure fruit juice and free of fat and corn syrup. This healthy dessert will

    eliminate all of the guilt but none of the taste from your dessert choices.

    There is also a vegan sorbet available for individuals who have chosen to eliminate meat products from their way of eating.

    These contain no eggs and are dairy free, with choices to include dark chocolate and coconut. Individuals who are allergic to

    gluten products do not have to give up on dessert because there are also ones that are gluten free. You can contact a

    reputable retailer and find out the products they have available, nutritional facts, why this cool treat will should be one you

    will want to make a part of your regular diet.

    Sorbet is a delicious and simple treat that is basically made up of puree or fruit juice and water ice. This delicious treat will

    have you have you wondering why you have not tried it sooner. If you are wondering if you young ones will have trouble

    giving up their favorite ice cream for this, just give it a try. They will enjoy the same smoothness and creaminess found in

    most traditional ice cream, just without the dairy and fat. This is a great way to help you and your entire family eats healthier,

    If you are trying to lose weight, the non-fat in this treat will help you get there a lot quicker than other types of desserts. With

    these you never feel deprived, but it can help you stay within you calorie range for the day.

    Sorbet is becoming a favorite in dessert choices and with so many flavors to choose from, you will never get bored. Visit the

    website of the sellers of this great product and find out how raspberry, blackberry cabernet, blood orange and peach ginger

    can be a delicious part of your life.