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1. Some beautiful scenery from France. 2. Paris, an air of New York ...Paris is the capital of, celebrated for its historical monuments like the Eiffel tower, its places like the Sacred Heart, his 3. Corsica, an air of Seychelles island which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a French island where the mountains are By the bye, Corsica appears at first glance like a mountain in the sea. 4. Lake Salagou in Hrault, an Australian air arid hills, Salagou Lake offers a varied landscape.Here, people do sports. They love 5. The Mont Saint Michel ...manche between Normandy and brittany. This is one of the most visited places in France (more than 6. Carcasonne...located in the department of Aude. This is an castel very animated during the celebration 7. Oriental Park of Maulvrier, an air of Japan ...symbolic garden (each element of the garden has a symbolic value). The vegetation is rich, there 8. The waterfalls of tufs an air of Jura ...astounding show. This is now a tourist site, where the people come to see this natural show. In winter, the


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