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This class will examine the biblical concept of disciple & disciple making with the goal of guiding the church to be and make disciples.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>SEATSSchools of MissionSouth East Asian Theological Schools, Inc.Discipling LeadersBuilding LeadersSOM-15A Disciples &amp; Disciple MakingSOM-15A-01This class will examine the biblical concept of disciple &amp; disciple making with the goal of guiding the church to be and make disciples.Mateo 28:19-20Kaya, humayo kayo at gawin ninyong alagad ko ang lahat ng bansa. Bautismuhan ninyo sila sa ngalan ng Ama at ng Anak at ng Espiritu Santo at turuang sumunod sa lahat ng ipinag-utos ko sa inyo. Tandaan ninyo: akoy laging kasama ninyo hanggang sa katapusan ng sanlibutan.FAMILYWORKPLAYCOMMUNITYCHURCHSERMONBUILDINGSEMINARYFAMILYWORKPLAYCOMMUNITYCHURCHFAMILYWORKPLAYCOMMUNITYCHURCHFAMILYWORKPLAYCOMMUNITYCHURCHSERMONBUILDINGSEMINARY??????SERMONOne tool: the monologue sermonNo participation by the audience congregationSermons have little or no impact (Ano bang sermon last week? 2 weeks ago? More?)Preaching is a toolAre there better ways of communicating Gods truth?Subukan mo: Wag mag-preach sa Sunday. Ano kaya ang mangyayari? Ano bang pwedeng gawin na iba?BUILDINGWe shape our buildings then our buildings shape usNo art or symbolsRows of seats facing a stageLights, sounds, etc.Who is active?Who is inactive?Building is just a toolSEMINARY85% of Filipino pastors havent formally studiedIs this bad or good?One expert passing on informationAll chairs face the frontWithout seminary (or Bible School) training we feel inadequateSeminary is just a toolSEATS tries to be different</p> <p>SWITCHElepanteNakasakayDaananSWITCHDirect the Rider (Rational Side) What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity. So provide crystal clear direction. Follow bright spotsDirect the riderSuggest ways to start behaving today(Think from Eat Healthier to Buy 1% milk.) [BELLS]SWITCHMotivate the Elephant (Emotional Side) What looks like laziness is often exhaustion. The Rider cant get his way by force for very long. So it critical that you engage peoples emotional side get their elephants on the path &amp; cooperative. SEED lockbox(Think we are paying to much for stuff to see all these different gloves we are buying?) Get people involved by modeling to themSWITCHShape the Path What looks like a people problem is often a situation problem. Simply altering the environment influences the way people behave, irrespective of their Rider &amp; Elephant. (Think the size of movie popcorn buckets.) [Shut down your Sunday service] Group WorkHow can we convince our members to become disciple makers / cell group leaders?SWITCHDirect the Rider (Rational Side) Motivate the Elephant (Emotional Side)Shape the Path Old ThinkingOld BehaviourNew ThinkingNew BehaviourNew ThinkingOld Behaviourthinking our way into a new way of actingacting our way into a new way of thinkingacting our way into a new way of thinkingPromote Core Spiritual DisciplinesScripture (Word)PrayerWorshipService (Diakonia)Proclamation (Kerygma)StewardshipCommunity (Koinonia)Truth Telling (Marturia)</p>