Solving Problems: An Agile Organization Approach

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<ul><li> 1. Solving Problems: An Agile Approach</li></ul> <p> 2. My influences Growing and selling a successful software company in my 20s; Spending several days with ChristopherToriaAlexander (Pattern Language founding father) Working with Matt, Hong, Walt and Daryl figuring out organizational agility Turning around a failing Colorado health care broadband network without knowing much about healthcare or networks. Holacracy led me to this burning question:If you take 5 people and an idea and another 5 people and a different ideawhat makes one group successful and the other not? Its not the people and not the idea.What is it? 3. Time boxedIterationsBacklog of UserDaily Stand-upsStoriesPlanning PokerIts the PracticesCross-functionalwork teams KANBAN boardOn Site for detailing Customer work Business DrivenDevelopmentRetrospectives Burn Down Value Stream ChartsMapping 4. So long as they are grounded in Agile principlesBacklog of UserCross-functionalDaily Stand-ups Storieswork teamsTime boxedPlanning IterationsPokerOn SiteRetrospectives Customer Value Stream Burn Down MappingChartsBusiness Driven KANBAN board Development for detailing work 5. DynamicDistributedSteeringDecisionsValue Driven Big and Visible 6. It takes a team.. Leaf forshadeWall toHose forRope forkeep uswateringbindingsafe Spear forhunting to see the whole picture 7. Most businesses die from indigestionrather than starvation. -- Tom Thomison co-Founder HolacracyOne 8. So what do we do? We outvote or ignore the contradictory data.We pay our leaders to be filters butunwittingly setup a single point of failure. We make team decisions whichoften lead to bloated actions where we solve more than is needed. 9. So whats the alternative? Its all about processing tensions Tension: The felt-sense of a specific gap between current reality and a sensed potential. Chronic Tension: the response to emotional pressure suffered for a prolonged period over which an individual perceives they have no control. 10. Processing Tensions:What are we even talking about? Who can make this decision? Were going in the wrong direction! 11. Scaling the Agile Delivery Lead Role at Pillar:Metrics:1.2.3.Projects:1.2.3.Purpose: Create the Best Agile DeliveryLeads in the Industry 12. Organizational Patterns human scale evolutionary value drivenToria ThompsonThank you! </p>