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One can get rid of anger completely. It is easy it need self realization and care about the .....


<ul><li>1.Anger Free Cool Calm and Undisturbed Life<br />For every minute you angry you loosesixty second of happiness <br />1<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Undisturbed Mind and Life<br />Anger without any reason but seldom a good one<br />Benjamin Franklin<br />2<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />3. Competition , No criticism No Jealousy<br />When Anger rises think of consequences<br />By Confucious<br />3<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />4. No Complain Be complete<br />See How You Look while Angry<br />4<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />5. Self Infliction, Uncontrolled<br />5<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />6. No fault No Fear<br />You have nt lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.<br />6<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />7. Types of Anger<br />Visible , Outburst, Revengeful, Openly harmful<br />Subtle<br />Oh God Give me Power to Face the Friends, I will Handle my enemies<br />7<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />8. Desire free, Expectation Free Life<br />Desire free but not destination free<br />8<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />9. Form of Anger<br />Revengeful thought<br />Back Biting<br />frustration<br />irritation<br />Negative thinking<br />Curse<br />Headache<br />Burning<br />Psychological Pressure<br />Discussing about some one faults<br />9<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />10. Busy and disturbed life<br />No time to manage own emotion, self talk<br />Self doubt removal<br />Time required to settle down disturbed thoughts<br />10<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />11. Adverse Consequence of Mind<br />Temperature of mind<br />Hot Mind<br />Aggression<br />Physical harm<br />Emotionally torturing<br />Creating hindrance<br />Creating unnecessary Barriers or hurdles<br />Ill Speaking of other<br />11<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />12. Affecting the Physical health<br />Anger effect often the Body and Mind<br />Mind gets disturbed Lose its balance<br />Increase heart beats , palpitation, blood pressure, heart attack<br />Why not to prevent self from Blood pressure and heart attack<br />12<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />13. Anger affect the Appearance<br />Disfigure looks<br />Everyone likes Sweet and Smiling Face <br />face is the Index of mind <br />Negative thoughts reflects in the Appearance also<br />13<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />14. Ego is the root cause of Anger, Anger out of Emotional expectation<br />I <br />People should respect me<br />People should Listen to me<br />Emotional expectation and thoughts belongingness<br />I should lead and force or command everyone<br />Whatever I say is right<br />Too much delicate<br />Inside weeping burst with time<br />14<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />15. Intellectual or Habitual<br />Habitual anger cannot control self<br />Occasional<br />Too much rigid , stick to the rules<br />Allow the self to break but will not bend<br />Too much logical Uncompromising<br />15<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />16. Behavior out of Anger<br />Trembling<br />Broke down object<br />Throw away the objects<br />Tear apart the garments cloths<br />Through out files or food<br />Lambasting<br />Continuously Roaring<br />Self Infliction, cut some body organs<br />Life is in their HAND death is in their MIND<br />16<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />17. Broaden Your Objective in the Life<br />Anger always come from Frustrated expectation by Elliot Larsen<br />17<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />18. Fear and fault instigate Lose of self control <br />Do not afraid of Blackmailing<br />Anything happens wrong then honestly express to parent , well wisher<br />Do not afraid of blackmailing that can damage<br />Fear, suspicion<br />Doubt ,assumption disclose of the hidden mistake cause tremendous anger<br />Man can go to the extent of murder and anything<br />18<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />19. To relieve mental Pressure<br />Share to family, friends, faculty or guide<br />19<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />20. Accept the Change<br />Be observer of the world Drama<br />See the different Role people are playing<br />Eye should act like camera<br />Anger is One letter Short to Danger<br />D+ anger=<br />20<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />21. People Feel Anger as an asset<br />21<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />22. Practice Silence and Meditation<br />Power of Silence <br />Power of stability peace of Mind<br />Be source of Love, compassion and sacrifice<br />22<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />23. Anger is the great force, if you can control it , transmuted into power it can move whole world, by William Shenstone<br />Do not expect Regard<br />Do not expect sweet word<br />Do not expect Love and affection<br />Do not expect all the salvation<br />Do not expect success in all the steps<br />23<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />24. Anger Management<br />Distraction<br />Deviation<br />Addiction<br />24<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />25. He is fool who cannot be angry, He is wise who will not, by<br />What to do with power post, position and Pound<br />People without any of them leading a happy life<br />Give other who donate other never get tense<br />Giver side always used to be happy<br />Do not expect for your sacrifice<br />25<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />26. Understand the situation of other<br />Compassion, calmness and understanding of other situation<br />26<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />27. Do not get disturbed by society<br />Let whole world may be one side still do not confuse of victory do not get disturbed by group criticism and suppression<br />Be optimist , Al Mighty Father is with you as long as You are Honest.<br />Society always try to find a cause to criticize<br />27<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />28. Tolerating abuse is also sin Do not allow anyone to demoralise or abuse<br />Toleratingabuse is also sin, save and protect self and as per need inform to proper authority<br />Do not stand after a person who is unnecessarily want to disturb and demoralize you, get away from him<br />Save self from fire and gun of anger with courage<br />Similarly saving self from irrational bitter wording from other<br />The person may be overlooking his own fault and may be making other responsible for that.<br />Reveal the truth with courage once still the person cannot understand then leave the matter<br />Time will reveal the matter, remain standstill , undisturbed and unhindered<br />Neither Give pain to other nor accept pain from other Mean do not allow the bullet of anger of other to enter into your heart<br />28<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />29. Relax self at seashore, under open sky with, green environment<br />Brain and Mind also need relaxation devote time for them for self talk to get rid of self negative talk<br />Physical environment can cool down mental tension and give relaxation<br />29<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />30. Weak people take support of anger Strong and Mighty knows how to handle<br />Angry People are those who are most afraid<br />By Dr Robert Anthony<br />30<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />31. Foodhas effect on mind Meat and Flesh Food can instigate Anger<br />Vegetarian Lifestyle can reduce their anger drastically with the practice ofMeditation <br />31<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />32. Enjoy life like Krishna/do not spoil with fighting<br />It is better to direct your anger towards problem not to people: To focus your energy towards answer not excuses by William Arthur<br />32<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />33. Get Rid of Different form of anger<br /> Fighting/ aggression<br />Argument/ objection/howling/ roaring<br /> conflict<br />33<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />34. Forgive and forget<br />34<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br />35. Anger Come out of Ignorance/Similarly out of little knowledge<br />Anyone becomes can angry, it is easy but to angry with right person, at right time with rightpurpose and objective it is not easy<br />byAristotle<br /> Anger Leads to controversy , conflicts and arguments disturbing self and other<br />35<br />By B.K. Shib Prasad<br /></p>