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  • Solman Managed System Configuration ABAP Systems

    1. Adding ABAP system into SLD of Solution Manager 7.1(SSM)

    Goto T-Code RZ70 in managed system; select the component as per the system and execute. Dont forget to select Schedule background job, by selecting this an event controlled background job will be scheduled ensuring any upgrades in system are reported to the solution manager SLD.

  • After selecting appropriate components, execute and will get following

  • 2. Assigning Technical System to Product instance and Product System.

    After adding system to SLD of solution manager, SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001 job synchronizes SLD and LMDB which creates an entry of the managed system into LMDB. After the creation of technical system in LMDB we have to assign it to a Product instance and system as per the below screen shots.

    Click on ADD

    Select highlighted option and click on search

  • Select appropriate Product Instance, select installed mark it as Diagnostic Relevant and click on close. By marking product instance as Diagnostic Relevant, we are telling Solution Manager for which instance it has to collect data and generate metric.

    Next is to assign Product system to thus selected Product Instance as per the below screen shot.

  • Click on mentioned button

    Click on select, if product system is not created, click on create it will automatically be created.

  • After doing above steps, click on SAVE and click on .

    Select Proposal and click on search

    Select the below screen check box

    Click on highlighted button, it will give the entire product instance that are relevant to that product system. Refer

  • Now click on Product Systems tab, and enter the Product Systems created above (PQ8 in this case) and click on Display.

    After that goto Verfication, as highlighted in screen shot.

    Click on below button.

  • 3. Configuring Managed System in Solution Manager 7.1

    Goto T-Code solman_setup. And following the instruction as per the screen shot.

    Go to Managed System Conf. tab

    Click on Configure System button. A new window opens

  • If the below comes, click on OK.

  • Follow the steps are per the instructions.

    Click on Execute selected

  • Select the options accordingly and select execute.

    In the next step, the Diagnostic Agent automatically gets assign. In few case, if it does not get assign, click on assign button, select appropriate agent and press OK.

    Select the client for which the RFCs are to be created

  • In next step provide requested information, for setting up DBA Cockpit connection provide the requested details and user credentials which have appropriate grants. Please refer the screen shot for PSR system. Do not forget to check the below highlighted check box.

  • Enter the requested data in this step.

    In create user setup provide the user credentials accordingly and execute.

  • In this step, just press Execute all Button. This step is important as in this step only all the services are activated

  • In this step, select the appropriate Logical System, as per the screen shot. If logical system is not yet created for the ABAP system, click on create logical system, enter desired name for the logical system and the select the type of system as per the ROLE as highlighted in screen shot 2.

  • In this case, also press execute all button. This step check whether the configuration done in all above steps is correct or not, if it comes red check the logs and take appropriate action.

    This finishes the managed system configuration of ABAP systems.