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SolMan Defect Management Training


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Project SPIRITSolution Manager (SolMan) Defect Management Training

12AgendaTest Management in the SolMan

Defect Management in the SolMan

Test Management in SolManUntested -> Test Scenario is yet to be started for execution (default).

Being Processed -> Test Scenario under process of execution cycle.

Error: Retest Required -> Test Scenario is having critical or road-blocking issue which requires Retest.

Ok -> Test Scenario is passed without issues.

Ok with Reservations ->Test Scenario is passed with high / Medium / Low priority issues which do not impact the completion of Scenario testing with work around.

Retest OK-> Test scenario has been retested after the defects were fixed and passed


The Test script status should have one of the following values :-

Test Management in SolMan Logon to the SolMan and execute the Trans Code Stwb_work.4

Test Management in SolMan Test PackageSolMan Project Name: BAC_V2_1Test plan : Z_TPL_V2.1_EUROPE_ USER_ACCEPTANCE_TEST_CYCLEThe Tester will see the list of Test Packages assigned to his Work list.The Test Package will be assigned to the group of the Testers who will be validating the Test cases present in his Test Packages.5

The Tester will see the Test Scripts and its current status pertaining to the Scenario.Test Management in SolMan6

Download the Test Script present in the Test Package for executing the Scenario by clicking on the Test Case Description icon corresponding to the ScenarioTest Management in SolMan7

The Test Script document will open up in a different window.Make a copy of the Test Script on the local drive for updating the various columns in the Test Script Excel.Test Management in SolMan8

At the completion of the Test Scenario execution, click on the Status Icon to update the current overall execution status in the SolMan.Test Management in SolMan9

Update the appropriate status of the Test Script execution from the options available as shown below.10Test Management in SolMan

Test Management in SolManClick on the Test Note icon shown below to upload the Integration Test Result Document. This is the same Test Script excel which is updated with actual results while test execution.Test Script needs to be uploaded daily to have the complete status of the Testing by the Scenario owner.11

Test Management in SolManDuring the test execution, the defects or issues are to be logged by the one of the testers present in the Scenario testing. This can be done on behalf of the person who is testing.To do this, click on the Messages Tab.12

Test Management in SolManClick on the Create Message icon for the Defect 13

Defect Management in SolMan The Tester will need to fill the following mandatory defect detail fields while creating a defect


System Base.

SAP Components.



Short Text giving the brief about the defect.

Long Text giving the description of the defect.


Defect Management in SolManThe Priority field is based on the Business criticality.

Urgent -> Show-stopper issue, cannot execute the Scenario through the Alternate route(P1)

High -> Scenario can be executed through alternative path but it is important Business issue which needs to be addressed immediately(P2)

Medium -> Scenario can be executed but it is an issue which needs to be fixed so that the Business Scenario works fine(P3)

Low -> Scenario can be executed but it is an issue which represents a nice to have feature in the Business workflow(P4)


Defect Management in SolManQ01 100 QA Environment for ECC

Q31 100 QA Environment for BI

Q41 100 QA Environment for SCM

Q51 100 QA Environment for PI

Q81 100 QA Environment for MDM

Q91 100 QA Environment for SRM


The System Base field is based on the QA Environment used fortesting and where the issue or defect occurred.

Defect Management in SolManThe Category field is based on the Process Track of the Issue.

OTC ->Order to Cash.

PTP -> Procure to Pay.

FTS -> Forecast to Stock.

ITF -> Inventory to Fulfill.

RTR -> Record to Report.

Technical -> Technical Team17

Defect Management in SolManThe Subject field is based on the category of the Issue.

Interface -> Interface related issue. Technical ->Technical issue which is not an error due Development.Basis/Infrastructure -> Issue due Infrastructure configuration.Authorization/ Security -> Issue arising due to improper Authorization. Configuration -> Issue arising due to improper Configuration.Development -> Development or Coding issue.Master Data -> Missing Master data.DSR-> Issue arising due to Data migration problem.Clarification -> Issue arising due to improper documentation and requires clarification.Batch Jobs -> For batch job related issuesBI reports -> Issues related to BI reports


Defect Management in SolManOn click of the new message icon Create Support Message Window pops up.19

Defect Management in SolManThe Priority field is based on the Business criticality.20

Defect Management in SolManThe SystemBase field is populated with the Testing System used during the Testing and where issue was detected.21

Defect Management in SolManThe Reported by field is populated by default with the name of the Tester who is raising the issue.This can be modified by changing the name of any other person if the defect is raised on his behalf.22

Defect Management in SolManThe Category field is populated with the Process Name where the issue was detected. The values are six Process Track fields and one more category Technical23

Defect Management in SolMan24

Defect Management in SolManThe Short text field should have the short description of the issue. The Long text field should have the detailed description of the issue.25

The Attachments tab present in the Support Message window can be used to upload the Screenshots and other details to the defect which can used to analysis the issue. Defect Management in SolMan26

Click on the save button as shown below after entering all the mandatory fields in the Message. Defect Management in SolMan27

Defect Management in SolManOn creation of the new message, the message number is visible in the Support Message list for the Test package.The Screen will show the list of all Message with their current status raised for a given Test Scenario. 28

Defect Management in SolManWhen the new message is created, the message status is New, which can be moved to the Processor Assigned after an appropriate Wipro Dev Team member is assigned to the defect.

This task of assigning the defect to the appropriate Wipro Team member is done by the Wipro Team Lead to fix the issue.

Once the defect is assigned to the Wipro Team member it can be put in the In Process or Rejected state.

Once the defect is in In Process state, the defect can be moved to the Message Rejected, Sent to SAP or Solution Provided state.

While moving the defect in Solution Provided state the developer will add his comments i.e. a short description of the resolution for the issue along with the Transport request No generated for the Object.29

NewProcessor AssignedIn process User Action requiredUserRepliedSolution Provided RejectedConfirmedSolution RejectedDefect Resolution - flow