solar shading - helping to significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings

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  • Solar shading - helping to significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings
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  • For centuries retail shops were shaded using external blinds making sure that the internal environment was not subjected to excessive heat gain and reducing glare to create a comfortable shopping environment and protect merchandise. The advent of air conditioning when energy was cheap and plentiful saw a near era of building design. Large plate glass windows and curtain walling maximised the view into and out of the premises with the resultant heat gain mitigated by running energy-hungry air conditioning systems. Around 40% of commercial floor space is expected to be air conditioned by 2020 compared to 10% in 1994 - Carbon Trust According to the Carbon Trust retail shops are responsible for over 40% of all air conditioning energy use in the UK. Whilst a passively cooled retail environment may be some way off the heat gain through the glazed facade can be significantly reduced using appropriate solar shading. Traditional shop blinds and more modern external solar protection devices not only offer protection but can become style statements and enhance the facade of a retail environment.
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  • Solar Shading Triple cost savings Correctly specified and operated solar shading can reduce capital costs, running costs and maintenance costs of retail environments. Reduction in energy use also reduces CO2 emissions ensuring compliance with ever- tightening emissions legislation. Air Conditioning Costs External Awnings Potential Savings Per m 2 For 200 m 2 3 Awnings Installed Cost15030,0009,00021,000 Running Costs5711,4003011,370 Maintenance Costs 163,2005002,700 TOTAL44,6009,53035,070 External shading will probably not mitigate the entire cost of air conditioning in an existing building but will significantly reduce the cooling load. In new build the intelligent use of appropriate solar shading, when combined with other design elements like passive cooling, can remove the need for air conditioning. External blinds can also support company branding