solar and wind power the future of clean energy. the problem with non renewable energy sources...

Download Solar and Wind Power The Future of Clean Energy. The Problem with Non Renewable Energy Sources Examples of non renewable energy sources: coal, fossil

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  • Solar and Wind Power The Future of Clean Energy
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  • The Problem with Non Renewable Energy Sources Examples of non renewable energy sources: coal, fossil fuels, etc They will run out eventually Bad for the environment Negative health effects
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  • Solar Power
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  • What is Solar Power? A renewable energy source The conversion of solar power from the sun into heat or electricity Uses solar panels There are three main methods of obtaining solar power Best suited for areas where there is low cloud cover that will block out the sunlight
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  • How Does it Work?
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  • Methods of Using Solar Energy Photovoltaic cells Consists of semi-conductors As light hits the surface, energy is produced Solar Thermal Electricity A mirror is used to reflect the sunlight to a central receiver A fluid is circulated that drives a generator The generator produces electricity Solar Thermal Heater Solar panels on roof absorbs sunlight Sunlight is converted into energy that heats the house
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  • Advantages Renewable Produces no pollution or waste If the area is sunny, solar energy can be used in remote areas where no other energy source is available Require very little maintenance Although expensive in the beginning, you will save a lot money in the long-term
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  • Disadvantages Doesn't work at night Solar cells/panels can be very expensive Can be unreliable unless you're in a very sunny climate. For example, it wouldnt be very effective in the United Kingdom Solar power isn't much use for high- power applications. It may just be enough to heat your house. To obtain decent amounts of solar power, you need a large area of solar panels.
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  • The Effects of Solar Power on the... Atmosphere: No release of pollutants Lithosphere: No effect because solar panels are usually just installed on pre- existing buildings Hydrosphere: No effect Biosphere: Light is reflected off the panels. This light can distract birds and even airplane pilots. This can be dangerous.
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  • Example of Solar Power around the World
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  • Argentina Solar power is being used to improve the lives of villagers in a small community in Argentina The EcoAndina Foundation introduced solar powered stoves to the villagers so that they could cook food easily Before the solar power cooking stoves were available, the villagers had to use fire wood Since Argentina receives a good amount of sun, it definitely comes in handy
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  • India Currently, India relies on coal to provide power The goal of the plan is to have 20 gigawatts of solar energy by the year 2022. The entire project is estimated to cost about $20 billion.
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  • Switzerland Switzerland Solar Impulse Plane The wings hold 11,628 solar cells. The propellers are powered by four 100 kilogram lithium batteries. The goal is to make the plane fly for 36 continuous hours
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  • Solar Energy Power Plants Solar Power
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  • Wind Power
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  • What is Wind Power? It is a renewable energy source The use of the wind to produce electricity Wind energy is the fastest growing energy source on earth The rate at which technology is improving is making wind power more and more appealing Most effective in areas that receive a decent amount of wind
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  • How Does it Work?
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  • Advantages The wind is free Does not cause green house gases or other pollutants. Although wind turbines can be very tall, they only take up a small plot of land. Therefore, the land below can still be used (example: for agriculture) Wind farms are appealing to the landscape. Remote areas that have no other energy source available can use wind turbines to produce their own supply.
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  • Disadvantages The amount of wind available always varies. There will be times when they produce no electricity at all. Wind turbines can be noisy. It can be equivalent to the noise of a car traveling at 70 mph. Because wind turbines have to be anchored to the ground this could possibly impact soil structure. They do not produce enough electricity to power large amounts of homes. Birds and bats are threatened because they can get caught in the turbines.
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  • The Effects of Wind Power on the... Atmosphere: No release of pollutants Lithosphere: The anchorage on the ground may affect the soil structure Hydrosphere: No effect Biosphere: Birds/bats get caught in the wind turbines. This could threaten the population of the birds.
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  • Examples of Wind Power Around the World
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  • Malawi William Kamkwamba decided to build several wind mills in his small village Using anything he could find in the junkyard, he was able to build five windmills, the biggest being about 37 feet tall The windmills provide electricity and pump water in the small village
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  • Vancouver Wind turbine built on Grouse Mountain Will provide the mountain with up to 25% of its power The windmill will attract lots of tourists, which will create revenue for the mountain
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  • The Good and Bad of Wind Power Wind Power
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  • Conclusion Investing in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power is very important Solar and wind power provide clean energy Both methods come with advantages and disadvantages Hopefully, with rapidly growing technology, these two power sources will become used all over the world and replace non renewable sources
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  • The End
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