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  • Soil Science Simplified

    Neal S. Eash, Thomas J. Sauer, Deb O'Dell, Evah Odoi

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  • Publisher : Wiley-Blackwell

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  • Already renowned as a user-friendly beginners guide to soil science, Soil Science Simplified, 6thEdition is an updated version of the beloved textbook that includes even more thorough applicationsof soil science to interdisciplinary fields. It includes the most recent research concerning uses of soilin municipal, engineering, and other areas, conversion agriculture covering no-till, hoe-till, and themethodology of cover crops, crop rotations, N contribution, and worldwide trends in conversionagriculture. The experienced authors have fully revised and updated the fundamental chapters onphysical, chemical, and biological properties to create an ideal introductory text.

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  • ISBN : 1118540697

    Author : Neal S. Eash, Thomas J. Sauer, Deb O'Dell, Evah Odoi

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