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Soil and Water. Road Condition Index SDTDC Prepared by: Carolyn Napper 10/06. Project Update 10-17-06. Literature search of existing indices Internal search of FS road data collection tools and methodologies Development of a draft index Field testing of index nationally. Maine S&PF. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Soil and Water Road Condition IndexSDTDCPrepared by:Carolyn Napper 10/06

  • Project Update 10-17-06Literature search of existing indicesInternal search of FS road data collection tools and methodologiesDevelopment of a draft indexField testing of index nationally

  • Maine S&PFBMP evaluation methodology developed by S&PFPartially funded by EPA and developed software program during beta-testing

  • R-5 LTBMUCharacterization of roads for public informationWEPP as comparison

  • R-5 Los PadresClosed road

  • R-5 San BernardinoSTEEP hillslopesRoad segmentation

  • R-2 Bighorn NF

    Existing survey by watershedIdentify work, implement contracts to reduce sediment delivery to streams on all road levels.

  • R-2 White RiverRoad-stream connectivityGully formationR-2 WCP handbookBreckenridge Ski Area

  • R-6 Okanogan NF

  • R-10 TongassSubsurfaceDrainage

  • R-9 White Mountain NFLevel 2-gatedURCI- Bob Eaton, process for evaluation of a road segment

  • R-8 Ozark-St FrancisTNC &FS road inventoryTrimble w/Infra and Terra Sync software10 mi/rd per day/crew

  • R-8 Ouachita NFRoad surveys for Roads analysis, NEPA, using WEPP, relative abundance of benthic fish tied to roads. Pursuing KV dollars for road improvement work.Infra data not reliable

  • Goal of SWRCI ProjectNeed to measure the performance of the road improvement and road maintenance programs in meeting our responsibility for protecting watersheds.Soil and Water road condition indexPhoto Guidebook to determine SWRCITraining module

  • Road template/Surface Shape informationStratify roads pre-post documentationFocuses the reviewer on what they should anticipate from a given roadInsloped roads may have a ditch and relief culvertsOutsloped roads with drainage dips, may want to focus on road gradient, soil texture associated with that type of design.Could be set up electronically

  • GoodFairPoorDitch Relief CulvertsCross drains are free of sediment and debris, no indications of scour or plugging at inlet. No erosion at outlet.25-50% of cross drains show indications of scour or plugging. Erosion at outlet >50% of cross drains culverts show scour or plugging. Erosion at outlet.

  • GoodFairPoorDitchesDitch accommodates runoff without indications of erosion or scour. 25-50% of ditch has erosion and downcutting from long ditch lengths.>50% of the ditch has erosion, downcutting, or scour.

  • Road-stream connectivity

    GoodFairPoorRoad-streamConnectivityRoad is hydrologically disconnected from channel network. Road template design is outslope, any surface water from road prism reinfiltrates into soil, and any ditches present are not connected to the stream.25-50% of the road segment is hydrologically connected to the channel network from drainage ditches or cross-drain outlets. >50% of the road segment is hydrologically connected to the channel network from drainage ditches or cross-drain outlets.

  • Soil Texture and WEPP

    GoodFairPoorSoil TextureSandy loamSilt loamClay loam

  • ColorsNumbers-AdjectivesPavement Condition Index 0-100 to rate pavement conditionSWRCI is additive, and the higher # is the ratingCould develop a rule set if a tieFocuses on visual indicatorsUseful in the ID team setting

  • Page 2 of SWRCIEnvironmental considerations

    Causal factors for erosion and sediment transport

    Site specific immediate concern issues

  • Performance AccountabilityUSDA FS Strategic Plan Goal 5 Improve Watershed ConditionProgram issues for CMRD include:Lack of road maintenance $ = degraded forest road conditions.Negative impacts to natural resources

  • Key Outcome Measures of PAS% of high clearance & stored roads incompliance with soil and water BMPs (R-10 uses RCS method) Unclear on how RCS identifies compliance and at what scale?% of car passenger miles meeting soil and water BMPs (% of roads with no identified critical resource protection deferred maintenance needs) SWRCI can identify drainage, erosional concernsRevised Infra 7/06 task list identifies critical resource=drainage (roadway, x-drain, erosion)

  • National BMP & EPOn-going effort to develop a national program for all regions.The effectiveness protocol will meet Goal 5-2 for monitoring water quality impacts of all activities on National Forest Service system lands.Time frame estimate 18 months

  • Needs or should be doneComplete the documentation including references for each indicator. More pictures limitation is due to Develop a web page that would have all the existing forms being used. Showcase the forms, uses, and findings. Foster information exchange.Form needs a software application to increase its use.

  • Discussion & FeedbackNext Steps

    Discussion, questions, next steps


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