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Software Quality Management

Software TestingWhite Box Testing

AgendaWhat is White Box Testing

Correctness Tests and Path Coverage

Correctness Tests and Line Coverage

McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity

Software Qualification and Reusability Testing2Test Mapping3Test classificationMcCall Req. ModelWhite Box TestingBlack Box TestingOutput Correctness Tests+Documentation Tests+Availability Tests+Data Processing and Calculation Correctness+Software Qualification Tests+Reliability Tests+Stress Tests+Software System Security Tests+Training Usability Tests+Operational Usability Tests+Maintainability Tests++Flexibility Tests+Testability Tests+Portability Tests+Reusability Tests+Software Interoperability Tests+Equipment Interoperability Tests+White Box Testing Data Processing and Calculation CorrectnessData processing and calculation correctness tests

Every operation in the sequence created by each test case (path) must be tested

Done to verify whether processing operations and their sequences were programmed correctly

4White Box Testing S/W QualificationSoftware Qualification Tests

Examine software code including comments

Comply with the coding standard and work instructions

5White Box Testing MaintainabilityMaintainability Tests

Check special features

Installed for detection of causes of failureModules to support software adaptationModules to support software improvements

6White Box Testing ReusabilityReusability Tests

Extent of reuse software integrated in the software

Adaptations performed to make the reusable component work with the project

7Check data processing for each test caseCoveragePath Coverage: Test cases should cover all paths. Coverage is the percentage of paths covered from the totalLine Coverage: Test all program code lines. Coverage is the percentage of lines covered.Data Processing & Calculation Correctness8Path Coverage9IF THEN - ELSELOOPPaths are created in a program whenever we use looping statements or conditional statementsTest completeness is the percentage of paths executed during the test.Sometimes impractical to test all paths.Example:Imagine a program with 10 conditional statements with two options = 1024 different paths.25-50 lines of code has 1024 test casesPath Coverage10Every line of code be executed at least once during the process of testing.Completeness of line testing is the percentage of lines executed during tests.Line Coverage11Path coverage using flowchart121. Charge min fare2. DIST345. WAIT8. SUIT6791011. Print ReceiptD > 1000D 3W 1S =5 && < 10Not too difficult> 20High> 50UntestableS/W Qualification TestingCode should be written according to standards easier to check the software.Easier to debug, update the code in maintenance and understand by new programmers.QuestionsDoes the code follow the structure module size, use of reused codeIs the coding style according to guidelines?Is the internal program documentation according to the procedure defined?Qualification Tests20Can be done automatically or manuallyIf manually, need Code AuditorsAdvantagesReduces project resource requirementsImprove quality of new systemsShortens the development time

What is done?Packages and documentation for reuse conform to standard and proceduresReusability Tests21White Box TestingAdvantagesDirect statement-by-statement testingCheck algorithms are correctly defined and codedList of paths / lines that are not executed or covered by test casesMeasure coding qualityAdherence to coding standardsDisadvantagesVast resources neededCannot test performance in terms of availability (response time)ReliabilityLoad durability22When to useHigh Risk ModulesHigh Cost of Failure


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