softlayer bluemix user summit 2015 tokyo - blue box breakout session

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Jesse Proudman@blueboxjesseCTO, Blue Box, an IBM CompanyMaking it REAL:All about Blue Box

SoftLayer Bluemix Summit Tokyo, September 2, 2015

A little about meStarted in infrastructure in 1997.Founded Blue Box from my dorm room in 2003.Raised $22M USD in venture investment.Technologist at my core.IBM acquired Blue Box on June 2nd

Race cars for funWonderful wife and 2 awesome kids@blueboxjesse2

The IBM Cloud Value Proposition

One Cloud Platform

Open Cloud Architecture

One User Experience



Private Cloud,any where in the world,in under an hour5

Put the cloudexperience back intoprivate cloud.6

The best of public and private@blueboxjesse7Private Cloudas a ServiceElasticityOPEXEase of UseTime to ImplementBest of Both WorldsData SovereigntyEnvironment ControlCost PredictabilityHybrid CapabilityPrivate CloudPublic Cloud

Blue Box Cloud Dedicated@blueboxjesse

Add-ons include:


Block Storage

Object Storage

ComputeEnhancedExpress Architecture

Hyper-converged ClusterDedicated FWs included by defaultAdd on Dedicated controller nodesAdd on Compute, Block or Object StorageSeamlessly upgrade to Enterprise Architecture

Controller Nodesadd-ons






Single-tenant dedicated private cloud@blueboxjesse9

Customer ACustomer B

Single Tenancy via Bare Metal IsolationCustomers isolated via dedicated hardwareStart small, grow to the enterpriseMulti-Tenant NetworkingShared Physical InfrastructureVLAN and Layer 3 IsolationIsolation via Defensible Network BorderBorder Protection via...Hardware FirewallsVPN Tunnel Connectivity via...Public TransitPoint to Point Cross Connects

Supported OpenStack Services@blueboxjesseHeatCinderGlanceCeilometerSwiftNeutronNovaKeystoneCeilometer and Heat Support Available in Q4 2015Horizon

Blue Box Cloud ArchitectureCompletely HA control plane.No single point of failure.3 converged nodes to host controller servicesController Services and Customer VMs on shared nodesProvides low cost entry point for PoC and dev/test workloads

Option to convert to dedicated Controllers

Two (active active) copies of the servicesService VIP managed by UCARP@blueboxjesse

Converged NodeHA ProxyHorizon, Nova, Keystone, Neutron, Glance, LBaaS, Heat RabbitMQMySQLCeilometerMongoDBCinderCust VMCust VMConverged NodeHA ProxyHorizon, Nova, Keystone, Neutron, Glance, LBaaS, Heat RabbitMQMySQLCeilometerMongoDBCinderCust VMCust VMConverged NodeMySQL ArbiterMongoDB ArbiterCust VMCust VMCust VMCust VMCust VMCust VMCust VMCust VMCust VMCust VM

Open Source: Ursula and GiftwrapUrsulaAnsible playbooks for operating OpenStack

GiftwrapA tool for creating bespoke system-native OpenStack artifacts. @blueboxjesse12

Network effect of as a service@blueboxjesse13Cloud 1Cloud 2Cloud 3Cloud NCloud NCloud NCloud N

Blue Box Dedicated Pricing@blueboxjesse

Complete ControlWhy customers choose Blue Box@blueboxjesseTrue Private Cloud as easy to consume as Public CloudOperationalExcellence PredictablePerformanceHighly Secure


Customer case studies@blueboxjesse16

1 Blue Box Dedicated CloudX-Connected into BFG DC

Customer Wanted:Integration to existing facilityBilling control with charge backsControl over entire environmentWanted cloud services

3 Blue Box Dedicated CloudsGeographically distributed

Customer Wanted:Cloud Foundry CompatibilityOpenStack Open APIsConcierge SupportReliable and Consistent PricingControl over entire environmentTwo Blue Box Dedicated CloudsGeographically distributed

Customer Wanted:Data IsolationCloud Service CatalogBare Metal Integration

Big Fish GamesUS Media CompanyFinsphere

@blueboxjesseJust last week, 90 days in17

Blue Box + SoftLayer: Global Cloud@blueboxjesse


Blue Box Cloud Local@blueboxjesse19

Private Cloud as a Service

Common OpenStack Services

Common Operational Model


Any Data Center(inc. customer DC)Global Data Centers

Hybrid , OpEx and CapExPure OpEx

Blue Box Local Hardware Design@blueboxjesseCompute256 GB RAM, 32 Core, 2.4 TB usable per node5.12 TB RAM, 640 Cores, 48TB Ephemeral Storage per rackBlade chassis preferredObject Storage6 TB raw per node12 TB usableBlock Storage12 TB raw per unit14-24 TB usableCore Network Enterprise grade network 10/40 bonded GbEConnected over L3 and BGP Box Panel Full remote hardware, network and OpenStack automated configuration, admin, operations and management

Thank you and Questions?@blueboxjesse

Image Courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives