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News from the East of England Agricultural Society, Peterborough, UK.


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    Kids CountryOur education programme continues to go from strength to strength

    News and information for members of the East of England Agricultural Society

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    Chairmans MessageAndrew Riddington


    that there is a firm and stable base to develop an exciting programme for our

    members going forward.

    Membership of the Society has unfortunately been falling for a number of

    years and for a number of reasons, and we what to change this trend. We are

    a member focused organisation and we need your help and ideas to deliver

    your programme. There is an expanding team of dedicated staff at our dis-

    posal and we also have a number of committees that cover all aspects of our

    business. I particularly want to draw your attention to the new committees

    that specifically cover our core objectives of education, and the promotion of

    agriculture and rural life. But its not all about attending meetings, its volun-

    teering to help and being part of whats going on that makes it worthwhile. So

    whatever your interest and strengths might be, we can always use your help.

    Expanding on this, we welcome to the main Board, James Parish (Chair of

    Marshal Papworth Fund), Ben Harris ( Chair of Members and Social Comm.),

    Charlie Reynolds (Chair of Agricultural Steering Comm.), Mike Holland ( Vice

    Chair Property Comm.) and Nigel Rome (Council representative). We have

    also elected a number of youthful Council members which have bought it

    new energy.

    Thank you to all those that are working very hard to make our Society suc-

    cessful. Theres lots to do over the coming months and I look forward to see-

    ing you there.

    Kind Regards,

    Andrew Riddington, Chairman

    Welcome to our Autumn newsletter and I

    hope you like what you read! The past few

    months have been hectic, not only with

    presenting some excellent events at the

    Showground, but also helping local events

    elsewhere in our region. Behind the scenes

    we have been working very hard to stabilise

  • 4 Smithfield Festival 2014

    4 The Peterborough Dinner

    5 Farm Business Awards

    6 UK Grain

    6 CropTec

    7 Equifest 2014

    8-9 Festival of Hunting

    10-11 Kids Country

    12 Marshal Papworth

    Our cover photo was

    taken at this years Fes-

    tival of Hunting by our

    immensely talented, offi-

    cial photographer Sarah


    Livestock and Farming

    Equine and Outdoor






    ht S









    A new patron for the Marshal Papworth Trust:

    WelcomeLord Iveagh

    Over the last thirty years, Lord Iveagh has played an intrinsic role in moving the Elveden Farms es-tate from dairying and sugar beet into field scale vegetable and cereals production, producing over 100,000 tonnes for UK and overseas markets.

    Lord Iveagh has also been responsible for leading the development of The Elveden offering, aug-menting produce from alternative sources to of-fer a range of branded and own brand products for 52 weeks of the year for its own delicatessen style farm shop, caf restaurant and pub.

    Commenting on his appointment, Lord Iveagh said: I have long enjoyed an association with the East of England Agricultural Society, who manage the Marshal Papworth Fund, so when I was asked to help support the great work that the charity un-dertakes I was only too pleased.

    Being equipped to effect change, quickly and ef-ficiently is fundamental to our future and being able to share such skills and knowledge with agri-cultural students in developing countries will help us to support and maximise opportunities for gen-erations to come.


  • The East of England Smithfield Festival will be held

    this year on the 4th and 5th December.

    Registering for this years event is easy. You can do it by going to the Smithfield Festival website: and click Register Now England-Smithfield-Festival

    Peterborough DinnerThursday 20th November 2014

    Guest speaker: Graham Smith - Consultant and Leading Expert in Agricultural Law with Roythornes SolicitorsTicket Price:

    39.00 incl. VAT For more information on this years event, please contact:Sarah Mahoney on 01733 234451 or via email:


    Judging over 53,000 acres in Bedfordshire,

    Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamp-

    tonshire for The East of England Agricultural

    Societys annual Farm Business Awards was

    achieved in just one week by 14 judges. Besides

    first class farming, prizes were awarded for

    enterprises as diverse as wedding venues and

    solar farms.

    This years Farm Business Awards attracted

    a near record entry of 28 farms; of which 22

    were in the four main classes separated by farm

    size. The new young farmer class attracted six

    entries. The new class, intends to encourage

    the farming industrys younger generation.

    Class winners and young farmers now face a

    patient wait until the Supreme results are an-

    nounced at the Societys annual Peterborough

    Dinner and Presentation Evening on 20th No-

    vember 2014.

    For the Society, Farm Business Awards Chair-

    man Robert Barnes said: We cannot thank

    sponsors, competitors, judges and stewards

    enough for their time and effort. We hope that

    everyone enjoyed the week as much as we did.

    Thank you to our sponsors:

    Results of the Classes

    CLASS 1; Farms 0 1200 Acres

    WINNER Andrew Brown, Fairchilds Lodge,

    Market Harborough

    RESERVE Alex Bates, Bates Bros (Farms) Ltd,


    WINNER Andrew Phillips, T & K Phillips,


    RESERVE Andrew Brown, Fairchilds Lodge,

    Market Harborough

    CLASS 2; Farms 1201 1700 Acres

    WINNER Michael Brown, T Brown & Son

    (Covington) Ltd

    RESERVE David Hoyles, G H Hoyles, Lincs


    WINNER David Hoyles, G H Hoyles, Lincs

    RESERVE Michael Brown, T Brown & Son

    (Covington) Ltd


    Richard Squire, P Squire Ltd, St Neots

    Wedding Venue

    CLASS 3; Farms 1701 2800 Acres

    WINNER Martin Jenkins, Martin Jenkins

    Farming, Cambridge

    RESERVE Alistair Morbey, Cole Ambrose Ltd,



    WINNER Nicholas Watts, Deeping St Nicholas,


    Young Farmers Class

    RESERVE James Kiddy, L Samworth & Partners


    Alistair Morbey Solar Panels and Storage

    CLASS 4; Farms 2801 7000 Acres

    WINNER James Throp, A.G Wright & Son

    Ltd, Cambs

    RESERVE David Knott, Trumpington Farm

    Company, Cambs


    WINNER David Knott, Trumpington Farm

    Company, Cambs

    RESERVE Ian Smith, Bedfordia Farms, Bedford

    CLASS 5; Young Farmer Class

    To be announced at the Peterborough Dinner.

    CLASS 6; Supreme Countryside

    Management Award

    To be announced at the Peterborough Dinner.

    CLASS 7; Supreme Championship Award

    To be announced at the Peterborough Dinner.

    For details on the Farm Business Awards

    contact:Kerry Buttriss,


    OR for information about this years

    Peterborough Dinner contact:

    Sarah Mahoney


    Or call us on: (01733) 234451


  • If you need a reason to attend UK

    Grain here are some you should con-


    There are some great reasons to at-

    tend this years UK Grain event. Along-

    side a trade show of leading manufac-

    turers is a seminar programme that

    is packed with information that you

    could find invaluable! Come and listen

    to what they have to say, ask the ques-

    tions you want answering:

    Amandeep Purewal, AHDB Senior

    Analyst Grain market update

    marketing and technology strategies at

    this critical time of year.

    The UK Grain Conference is

    FREE to all members of the East

    of England Agricultural Society

    on production of a current

    membership card.

    Tickets are priced at 10 if you have

    pre-registered, and 15 on the day. Pre

    registering can be done at UK Grains


    John Seed: Woodend Farming Part-

    nership Using biomass to dry your


    David Bartlett: HGCA - Practical as-

    pects of infestation and maintaining

    good grain quality

    Garry Rudd: AIC Changes in the

    codes of practice

    The grain business event is dedicat-

    ed to all aspects of storage quality,

    drying, handling and marketing. Al-

    lowing visitors to evaluate both their

    UK Grain ConferenceWednesday 5th November

    Free to EOE Mem