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<p>SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY PROJECT II(COMIC)</p> <p>SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY PROJECT II(COMIC)</p> <p>Dixon Kee Tet Lun 0323944Akif Nukman Zolkeplee 0322927 Alison Tang Ing Ee 0323705Chong Yi Hui 0324404Ong Von Wan 0323364</p> <p>STEREOTYPING</p> <p>A stereotype assumes that all members of a group share some common featuresAkif thinks that all blond are dumb, so he does not like Ashley from the first time he saw her because of her hair and skin color.</p> <p>PERSUASIONAn attempts to influence others attitudes or behaviorsJerry keeps persuades Akif to respect Ashley and ask him to stop being judgemental and prejudice.</p> <p>HALO EFFECT</p> <p>Jerry fell in love with Ashley, so he thinks that everything she does is for a good reason</p> <p>One positive attribute will cause us to attribute other positive qualities to an individual</p> <p>SELF EFFICACYYour belief in your ability to achieve certain goalsAshley proved that she is not dumb by getting straight A+ in her exams</p> <p>Although Ashley proved that she is not dumb, but Akif still think that she is stupid because of her blondeness and also her name known as Ashley Pumpkin Spice.</p> <p>CONFIRMATION BIASAn information that supports a schema is attended to and also contradicts a schema may be filtered out </p>