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  • Social Psychology Comic StripGroup Members :

    Joey Lau | Jack Chung | Renee Teoh | David Tan

  • The Storyline

  • Brandons Story

  • Concept 1: First Impression

    An event when a person first encounters someone or something and forms a mental image of that. It is not deliberate or formed by watching others. It is usually instantaneous

    Brandon forms a first impression of the people he sees on the first day of college. He notices a girl with glasses and a backpack, and his first impression of her is smart.

    He also noticed another girl with long hair and baggy clothes, his first impression of her is a rocker.

  • Concept 2: Stereotyping

    Stereotyping is an assumption that all members of a group share some common features. The assumption may

    or may not be accurate.

    After seeing the girl with glasses and her new group of friends, he assumes that all of them are smart too as they

    are in the same group.

  • Concept 3: Schemas

    Schemas are cognitive frameworks that are automatically created to guide us in understanding

    the world. It exists for people, places, events, or other stimuli

    Based on schema previously formed by Brandon how people who wears glasses and carries backpacks are

    usually smart, he assumes because she fits that description, she must be a smart person too.

  • Concept 4: Confirmation Bias

    Information that supports or contradicts a schema. We seek out data that supports out beliefs and disregard

    data that refutes out beliefs.

    Brandon meets a new friend and he was at first skeptical about Brandons theory. But later on, he too agrees

    on the schema and stereotype.

  • Concept 5: Social Loafing

    Social loafing is when a person does less to achieve a common goal when they work in a group

    than when they work alone.

    Brandon was matched with a group of people he dislikes for an assignment. He refuse to attend meetings and help

    with the assignment. The group carried out the assignment without Brandon.

  • ConclusionIn the comic, there are 5 concepts applied:

    Social Loafing


    First Impression

    Confirmation Bias