Social Photography: Visual Storytelling to Connect With Customers

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<p>Social Photography Visual Storytelling</p> <p>Sheila ScarboroughTourism Currents</p> <p>#smshi@SheilaS</p> <p>What's In This For You?</p> <p>Better storytelling that connects with customers</p> <p>Joy &amp; universal language of visual sharing</p> <p>More content in less time</p> <p>SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boost</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Disclaimer . I'm self-taught </p> <p>#NotAnExpert</p> <p>You can do this, too! </p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Why</p> <p>Photos?</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Surfing:</p> <p>A boy balances on a surfboard &amp; catches his very first wave, near Diamond Head</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>On Facebook, people Like photo updates twice as much as text updates.</p> <p>Ragan link: Photos &amp; video drive the most engagement </p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Other ways to tell visual stories</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p> Instagram</p> <p>Instagram is....</p> <p>A Micro Art Gallery</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Tips for Instagram</p> <p>Severe cropping drives composition</p> <p>Slow data rates make it hard to share</p> <p>It's a mobile-first platform</p> <p>Most only use a few filter options</p> <p>Mashable link: Which filter when</p> <p>Easy to Like &amp; Comment on the go</p> <p>** Bought by Facebook</p> <p>Foodspotting</p> <p>Foodspotting is.</p> <p>Grinds Porn(so ono!)</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Tips for Foodspotting</p> <p>Spot unique food or drinks</p> <p>Locals are a huge help!</p> <p>Use Macro setting for close-ups</p> <p>Slow data rates/GPS can hamper</p> <p>Dim restaurant lighting a problem</p> <p>Easy to Like &amp; Comment on the go</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Foursquare &amp; Yelp</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Foursquare/Yelp are.</p> <p>I was here.You should go!</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Tips for Foursquare/Yelp</p> <p>Check-in &amp; review photos are more service-oriented</p> <p>Exterior shots ---&gt; Is this the right place?</p> <p>Interior shots ---&gt; What's it like inside there?</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Savannah, Georgia CVB</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Columbus, Ohio CVB</p> <p>Pinterest is....</p> <p>A Digital Inspiration Board</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Tips for Pinterest</p> <p>Hugely, suddenly popular</p> <p>Some legal concerns with pins</p> <p>NOT the place to be hard-sell</p> <p>Destination marketing hot there</p> <p>Anne Hornyak Link: DMOs on Pinterest (Google Doc) </p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Don't Forget Old School</p> <p>Photos to TwitterTwitpic, Lockerz, Yfrog, others</p> <p>Easy from your phone</p> <p>Photos to Facebook PagesTIP: use email to send photos from phone</p> <p>Each Page has unique email address</p> <p>Works in low data rate areas</p> <p>Can do it from feature/flip phones, too</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Even MORE Old School:</p> <p>Go offline with photo walks</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Use snail mail for your pics</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Lots of photos?Create an Animoto video out of them</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>No time for all this?</p> <p>Create once, use over and over</p> <p>Now that you're a photographer, learn to think like one</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Your last move before shooting with a phone camera?</p> <p>Wipe off the lens.</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Big social photography benefit:</p> <p>SEO</p> <p>(Search Engine Optimization)</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Takeaways</p> <p>A photo is a story</p> <p>Your phone = publishing machine</p> <p>Create once, use many times</p> <p>Think like a photographer</p> <p>Give search engines descriptive text for SEO</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Photo Credits</p> <p>All photos my own except....</p> <p>Me with camera: BJMcCray on Flickr CC</p> <p>Boy surfing: Waikiki Beach Services</p> <p>Screaming woman: kandyjaxx on Flickr CC</p> <p>#smshi</p> <p>Thank You!</p> <p>SheilaScarborough</p> <p>Tourism Currents</p> <p></p> <p>@SheilaS@TourismCurrents</p> <p>#smshi</p>