Social Networking IRL - How to network offline using online tools

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  • @JuanSVas

    Social Networking IRL

    Juan Vasquez

  • @JuanSVas

    Gathering for Justice - @NYjusticeleague

  • @JuanSVas

    Gathering for Justice - @NYjusticeleague

  • @JuanSVas

    Hi, Im Juan.

  • @JuanSVas

    Goal for today

    Leverage networks Value Pro-tips Working session

    Event or

    OnlineOnline 1on1

    Mutually beneficial, awesome relationship

  • @JuanSVas

    Leverage networks






  • @JuanSVas

    What value do you offer?

  • @JuanSVas

    Pro Tips

    Gradually build up your social media When in conversation, find commonalities Connect via email and social media Bring the right friend(s) Scan social media before events Be present Everything you share w the world is content Aim to help Be a connector

  • @JuanSVas

    Working Session - Personal Mantra

    Federal Express: Peace of mindNike: Authentic athletic

    performanceMe Collaborating for access

    Mantra- 3 or 4 words connecting you, your purpose, others

  • @JuanSVas

    Working Session - Story

    Choose a short, simple personal story

    that has a bottom line for you

  • @JuanSVas

    Working Session - Impact

    Write a sentence about the type of

    impact youd like to have

  • @JuanSVas

    Working Session - Story+Impact

    Now connect the 2 - your story w impact you

    want to have

  • @JuanSVas

    Lets stay connected