Social Networking For a Job Using Other Online Tools

Download Social Networking For a Job Using Other Online Tools

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Social Networking For a Job Using Other Online Tools


  • 1. USING social networking IN your job search
    Presented by Anthony Furino

2. RSS Feeds
What are RSS Feeds?
Function like an online newspaper subscription
You subscribe to a feed that is updated regularly. When the feed is updated you are automatically sent a link to, a portion of, or a complete piece of the information you signed up for; in this case you are sent job openings
3. RSS Feeds
Quick Info
To receive these feeds you have to have an RSS reader
Free of charge, convenient, practically labor-free
Useful for those people that have access to a computer regularly can check an RSS reader for a listing of jobs instead of performing the same search over and over
RSS Feeds work by collecting and gathering these feeds in one place so you can quickly retrieve them
4. RSS Feeds
How to Subscribe
Perform a search and then click an RSS Feed icon to subscribe to it
Some sites, like Career Builder, may require you to go to a specific RSS Feeds portion of their site to choose to receive feeds on jobs in a certain industry, jobs by keyword, or jobs in a particular region of the country
5. Subscribing to RSS Feeds
You can choose to display an RSS feed in your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers
Copy and Paste the RSS feed URL into your own RSS Feed Reader to view
6. Subscribing to RSS Feeds
Internet Explorer
Click on the RSS feed link after you have performed the initial search
The location of the RSS feed link/icon will vary between sites
Click on the subscription link near the top of the page
7. Subscribing to RSS Feeds
Name the feed and subscribe
8. Subscribing to RSS Feeds
Mozilla Firefox
Click on the RSS feed link after you have performed the initial search
The location of the RSS feed link/icon will vary between sites
To save in Firefox browser choose Live Bookmarks
9. Subscribing to RSS Feeds
Name the feed and add to Bookmarks Menu
10. Subscribing to RSS Feeds
If you choose to read RSS feeds with your own RSS reader then you must follow these steps:
Perform a search on a job site
Click on the RSS feed link
Copy the URL when you are taken to a different page
Paste the URL into your RSS Reader
11. RSS Feeds

  • RSS feeds may not always be easily visible look on handout for locations of feeds on job search sites

Different sites will design their feeds to display differently
Meaning that when you receive these updated feeds there may be job title with a small job description linking to the full posting, or a full job posting for you to view, etc.
12. RSS Feeds
Why use RSS Feeds?
Reduces stress caused by job search
Reduce or eliminate the time you spend searching for jobs
You can unsubscribe at anytime
Do not have to give out your e-mail address
They will work in any RSS Reader
13. RSS Feeds
Popular RSS Readers
Google Reader
My Yahoo! RSS
News Gator
Feed Demon
Internet Explorers built-in reader
Mozilla Firefoxs built-in reader
14. Job Notifications via E-mail
Useful if you have internet access on your phone
Functions similar to an RSS feed in that you are notified automatically, without performing a search, but you must check e-mail regularly
15. Mobile Phone Job Notifications
There are very few services that will text users job postings as they become available:
CareerBuilder Job Alerts
LinkedIn Mobile
16. Firefox Add-Ons for Job Seekers
Firefox has add-ons, which, according to Firefox can be a new time-saving toolbar button, a shortcut to search, a themed look, and more. Add-ons make browsing easier.
Basically these act like the quick access Google search field on the top right side of the browser window
17. Firefox Add-Ons for Job Seekers
To use these in Firefox go to Tools Add-Ons Get Add-Ons perform a search for these add-ons below - a job search engine for Twitter
LinkedIn Companion allows you to perform LinkedIn job searches, people searches, access to JobsInsider
JobsInsider allows you to check your LinkedIn network to see if you are connected to anyone within the company that posted a specific job -if you are connected to someone on the inside you can contact hiring managers directly through LinkedIn
Indeed Job Search quicker way to access Indeeds search engine


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