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  • 1. Anti-capitalism and anti-globalisation Movements in Latin America

2. Brazil, June 2013 3. History Begining of capitalism, roots of globalisation and emergence of Latin America European influence Free but not entirely American influence Internal conflicts 4. Anti-imeprialism in Latin America and leftists influence: Communism and anti-capitalism 1953-1959 Cuban Revolution 1960-1996 Guatemalan Civil War 1961-1990 Nicaraguan Revolution 1964 war in Columbia (FARC, ELN) (1969)1975-198 Dirty War in Argentina 1979-1992 Salvadoran Civil War 1980 war in Peru (Shining Path) 5. Economic issues PovertySocial differencesForeign capitalneoliberalism 6. Anti-capitalism today Bolivarian Revolution led by late Venezuelan president Hugo Chvez, the founder of the Fifth Republic Movement, joined the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in 2007. Movement for Socialism-Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples Bolivian political movement led by Evo Morales, founded in 1998. Its followers are known as masistas. 7. Brazil The Landless Movement a social movement in Brazil, regarded as one of the biggest in Latin America with an estimated informal 1.5 million membership. According to the MST, its aims are:1.fight for access to the land for poor workers in general (the most important) 2. activism around social issues impinging on the achievement of land possession, such as unequal income distribution, racism, sexism, and media monopolies. 8. Anti-globalisation protests in Latin America February 1 2002, New York City, USA / Porto Alegre, Brazil, World Economic Forum / World Social Forum September 14, 2003 Cancn, Mexico Fifth Ministerial of the WTO collapses May 28, 2004 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Summit of Heads of State and Governments from Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union November 19, 2004 November 23, 2004, Santiago, Chile, Protests against President 9. March 9, 2007 Clashes in Sao Paulo, Brazil as protests greet the start of President Bush's six-day tour of Latin America. March 12, 2007 Anti-Bush protests in Bogot, Colombia. March 14, 2007 Clashes in Mexico City, the last stop on Bush's Latin America tour. 10. World Social Forum an annual meeting of civil society organizations, first held in Brazil, which offers a self-conscious effort to develop an alternative future through the championing of counter-hegemonic globalization. From the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas (1994) to the Battle in Seattle (1999) to the creation of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre (2001)... Countersummits, global campaigns and social forums have been crucial spaces to articulate local struggles, share experiences and analyses, develop expertise, and build concrete forms of international solidarity among progressive movements for social, economic and ecological justice. 11. Use of New Media by social movements at present time is very differential. Some of them have vell developed websites like the Landless Movement but most of them are not this well organized. Some of the websites simply are no longer active. Of course there is also a movement that uses Interent in an astonishing way Zapatistas


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