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Social media trends for 2014. Focus on closed / secret social network such as Snapchat. Also changes to the Facebook sortering structure, changes to Facebook reach.


Social Media World Tour

Facebook & Snapchat Daniel Ord Rasmussen


Im Daniel.Im an analyst at Seismonaut in Aarhus.

We work with digital and social media, social business and digital tourism.

Weve done projects with public and private sector companies since 2007.

Today Id like to talk about a few trends in the European market -that might also be relevant around the world.

Those trends are changes to Facebook reach and the rise of closed social media.

Where did my reach go?!

Its mostly Facebook

Dont panic...

Facebook has a problem: There is a finite amount of space in the News

Feed for both organic content and paid content.

Something has to go.But what?

Facebook is for people - not businesses. So businesses are the ones to feel the burn.

Kilde: Komfo via Hans Tosti






August 2013 March 2014





Fan penetration CTR%

Kilde: Komfo via Hans Tosti

From an index to a magazine?

Changes to reach + magazine trend = ?

As a business on Facebook (and on social media), you need to be aware of this!

It might mean:

Fewer but better updates More focussed content Changes to budgets Should we really be on Facebook anymore?

What should you do right now?

Make peace with the fact that reach has changed

Make a decision about your budget Consider using Facebook dierently -

have you heard of Dark Posts? Its split testing for Facebook-updates.

The most important thing is still great content!

Nine out of ten Egyptians and Tunisians responded to a poll that they used Facebook to organize protests and spread awareness.

Arab Spring

But lets be honest -not all the content is great.

Closed Social Media

Is it secret? Is it safe?

Youve probably heard that secret social is all the rage at the moment

What?A secret or closed social platform is:

Not public Often between small groups of people Often used for small, sporadic content

Examples are Snapchat, Whatsapp, Telegram, Kik, Tango, Line...


1. I dont want the web remembering everything

2. I dont want to talk to everyone at once

3. I dont want to pay for text messages

4. I dont want the NSA listening in

Why?Probably one of three reasons:

1.I dont want the web to remember everything2.I dont want to talk to everyone at once3.I dont want to pay for text messages4.I dont want the NSA to listen in

Lets look at Snapchat

Fr timen Frste pause Frokostpause

A young platform - for now

This slide is based on an ask-around by Lasse From of DR and #140Tegn

What is Snapchat? Send pictures (snaps) with writing and

drawings to friends. Once the message has been seen, it deletes

- forever. Also has Stories - public messages that

last for 24 hours Currently mostly 13 - 25 y.o.s


What about business? Direct channel to users - feels like a personal

message Good for teasers A very engaged audience - high opening rate

(more on that in a bit) Casual messages seem to work best - rough

graphics are better



Source: Lasse From, #140Tegn, Facebook Group Snapchat ERFA

Opening rate: 90 % Completion rate: 92 %

Are any Danish companies on yet? northside_dk tv2zulu spotfestival playstationdk drmamaradio drp3radio dr-ultra pepsimaxdanmark skagensmuseum spejderdk (Det Danske Spejderkorps) unisportlife ...

Source: Lasse From, #140Tegn, Facebook Group Snapchat ERFA

Case: P3Host of morning show snaps his day.

Key Points from DR P3 Access to a platform where young people are - traditionally an

unloyal and fleeting group High opening rate - very important Timing: FB & Twitter peak in the evening - Snapchat peaks at

different times during the day, school hours and after school.

Age + timing + opening rate

Currently about 2500 friends

Source: Interview with Lasse From, DR and #140Tegn

Snapchat Challenges Time if using one-to-one messages Lack of business features Lack of statistics Flaky app, slightly unsure future

It's not how many followers you have, it's how many care. It's not width, it's depth. It's not how many impressions you get, it's how much attention you get.

- Vaynerchuck



Thanks!Questions? Lets talk!

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