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Who by: Soulla Stylianou, Client Director, Daden Ltd Date: 27th October 2009 Where: Serious Games Institute Description: Introduction to social media tools and how they're being used by Serious Business


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2. Who Are We? 2009 Fullservice virtual worlds & virtual characterconsultancy Invirtual worlds & characters since late 1990s, andSecond Life since 2004 World-class expertise and innovation in integration,AI and virtual worlds SL Gold Solution Supplier Member, Serious Games Institute Based in Birmingham UK, and Second Life 3. Who do we work for? 2009 4. Definition - Wikipedia 2009 A social network service focuses on buildingonline communities of people who share interestsand/or activities, or who are interested in exploringthe interests and activities of others... Most social network services are web based andprovide a variety of ways for users to interact, suchas e-mail and instant messaging services. Social networking has encouraged new ways tocommunicate and share information. Socialnetworking websites are being used regularly bymillions of people. 5. What others say social media 2009 Paparazzi for the masses Modern grapevine Includes web 2.0 technologies Includes face to face Not governed by physical space Uses the power of the crowd 6. Top ten 2006 & 2009 2009 & social-networking-sites-uk 7. 2009 8. The big picture 2009 9. Number crunching 2009 Facebook Twitter Ning Plaxo Hi5 EcademyMyspaceNetpartyXing 50m+ 300m+ 44.5m 36m15m 80m 450,000+263m? 100,000+8m+ No correct answer Who's your target audience What's right for you Experiment It takes time Bigger doesn't mean better in bold are direct from org. website 10. LinkedIN 2009 Created private profile Just created Daden group profile Not upgraded to professional Good for networking Join/create groups Post events, slides etc Participate in discussions Add discussions Email 11. Facebook 2009 Private profile Use it for events/interests Create/Join groups Email Use twitter to update page No plans to date for Daden 12. Ecademy 2009 Business to Business Email, groups etc Post events You either love it or hate it Not really using it For SME's? 13. Blogging 2009 Very popular Website = information Blogsite = opinion Choose tool that's right for you Daden's MD David Burden blogs 14. Twitter 2009 Popular 140 characters - mini blog Used by individuals Used by organisations Powerful search tool Set up searches using tools such as tweetbeep Monitor urls in tweets (e.g. Daden gained customers, raised profile 15. Uses for twitter 2009 Point people to website/blog/event Gather support Ask for help Complain Feedback Answers Customers 16. Posting a twitter question 2009 Socialmedia for serious business. My questionto you is which tools do you use,why,howsuccessful what's ur favourite? Which oneworks for u? 17. @JiMage 2009 Im an arch student and Twiter has allwed me 2establish a 3d design firm now wrking onprojects in saudi, Auz and the uk i'v won three very large contracts direct fromtwitter none in the uk! i tried facebook but not found it as succesfullbut twitter (tweet deck) tripled the amount ofpeople visiting my site! 18. @NivenArchitects 2009 We use facebook & twitter, both r successful for increasing the company profile, twitter has generated some inquiries .... ...but no concrete projects as yet, both have resulted in a doubling of our website traffic. 19. @others 2009 @steve_nicholls - twitter is fave cos it's moreinstant. LinkedIn feels more grown-up and pro.FB is a good way to reach many contacts hemminac @SoullaStylianou I'll be using themall...because people trust people they knowmore than any other form of advertising cybrum @SoullaStylianou Not sure they countas socmed tools but old-fashioned eMail isbusiness no.1. Skype too for cutting costs. 20. @lornaparsons 2009 Corporate website glossy brochure Practice blog - ( Twitter - supports the blog informal LinkedIn not had any business leads Trying to decide on an intranet Basecamp vsWoobius 21. #media140 2009 Social media no1 requirement Everything we do has a social media element 9/10/twitter-is-like-word-of-mouth-on- crack-the-peperami-animal-and-other- tales-from-media140/ 22. #media140 2009 We created lotsof differentpoints forconsumers todiscover usthrough 23. In the news 2009 networking-sites-cost-the-uk-pounds1-38bn-a-year-- news-19427116 24. Ten points 2009 Experiment with different social media tools Choose what suits organisation & you Make time for it Bigger doesn't mean better Should complement other marketing activities No wrong answer No right tool Keep it up to date Keep it simple Ask questions community will help 25. Web: YouTube: Twitter: SoullaStylianou Second Life: ImmortalitySou Ballinger Second Life sim: Daden Prime 2009