Social Media: The End of Business as Usual

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Rachel Fornataro, social media specialist, presents the first workshop in the Entrepreneur Series -- "Social Media: The End of Business as Usual."


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2. Social 3. #IMGES 4. Social mediaWhy? People doing searches are 2.5 times more likely to clickafter exposure to a brands social marketing. - ADWEEKis now the #1 way generation Y searches forbusinesses. - SOCIALNOMICSnow drives more traffic to websites than f- COMPETE#IMGES 5. Social media Because!Today, people dont want to hear from a companyThe average person is exposed to 3,000 advertising messages a day! They want to hear from their friends and peers.#IMGES 6. Social media Outbound Vs. InboundTraditional media is a one-way streetRead a newspaper or listen to a report on television Limited ability to give your thoughts on the matter. Traditional media is a PAID media!#IMGES 7. Social media Outbound vs. Inbound Social media is a two-way street A Web site that doesnt just give you information, but interacts with you It allows the creation and exchange of user-generated content Social Media is an EARNED Media!#IMGES 8. SocialmediaMeasuring Success$ Grape vines are planted.Vines grow and rootsOver time, vines consistently Wine has value grow bigger and stronger. produce grapes, which can it can be sold, tradedbe made into wine.or donated. Social Media profilesEach Social Media profilesEach follower is nurturedTrust becomescreated with 0 contacts. attracts a followingby one-on-one communication, something of value in (people opt in).increasing trust and followers. the real world. 9. Social mediaWhat To ChooseB2C B2B Industry SpecificBlasts to All#IMGES 10. Social mediaFacebook is the measuring stick for social media and thefan base. Profile Page vs. Fan Page Customize Picture 540 pixels high by 180 pixels wide URL Tabs Management Measure Results#IMGES 11. Facebook disabledWHOPPER Sacrifice after your love for theWHOPPER Sandwichproved to be stronger than 233,906 friendships. 12. Over 10,000 businesses entered. 65,000 new likes. 13. Social media Twitter is a micro-blogging service, enabling its users tosend and read other users messages in real time. URL Background Use media Tweetdeck Be timely; make it count#IMGES 14. Small Places story began April25, 2008 and now has over 3,000 followers. 15. 26 different Twitter accounts 3 support accounts 2 corporate accounts 11 Sales accounts 10 News/Blog accounts From as few as 1,064 followers(@DellServices)to almost 46,000 followers (@DellHomeUS) 16. Social mediaYouTubeis a video sharing Web site on which userscan upload and share videos Create a channel Tags Annotations Your brand#IMGES 17. 18. 10 million views; 368,000 subscribers 19. Social media Foursquare lets users update their location anywhere inthe world using their smart phones. Still new Claim your business Give them an incentive Be interactive Monitor Find your target audience#IMGES 20. Increasedfollowers by 57percent. 21. New trade show proved tobe the most successful with over 130,000 participants. 22. Social media LinkedInconnects businesses with like-mindedindividuals. Get specific Recruit Be the authority Groups Answers Categories#IMGES 23. 80 percent of employeesdirectly from Linkedin; 40percent of business fromLinkedin leads 24. Social media Workshop Youve seen what others are doing ...ou d o? w il l y Wh at#IMGES 25. Social media Tips and Tricks Hubspot Social Media Ads#IMGES 26. T h a n k y o uSocialmediaThe End ofBusiness as Usual 27. INTRODUCING ...!"#"#"$"%!&&()#*+*,-+()#*./(0+,)$112.(3+0(456