Social Media Strategy: How to Think About Social Media as Part of an Integrated Market Strategy

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ritu Sharma, Director and co-Founder, Social Media for Nonprofits Social media presents new and exciting opportunities for NGOs to advance their missions, raise much-needed funds, and mobilize huge bases of support, but how exactly can NGO leaders harness its potential? Join us for an interactive look at some of the most powerful and effective tactics and tools for making the move online.


<ul><li>1.Social Media Strategy Recruit, Engage &amp; Activate Ritu Sharma (@ritusharma1) </li></ul> <p>2. 13 Cities. 3 Countries. 10,000 Nonprofits. 3. 3 4. Why Social Media? Low barrier To Entry Level Playing Field Perfect for Peer Asks Everyone is Smarter Than Anyone 7 5. How is Social Media used? 8 MARKETING FUNDRAISING ADVOCACY STAFF &amp; VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT 6. TAKE A STEP BACK TO MOVE FORWARD 9 7. Listen 10 8. FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN YOUTUBE BLOG TUMBLR FLICKR INSTAGRAM 11 SOCIAL MEDIA EMAIL SEO PHONE DIRECT MAIL PR PARTNERS Integrated Marketing Plan 9. 12 IDENTIFY RECRUIT ENGAGE ACTIVATE 10. 13 IDENTIFY 11. History &amp; Experience Facebook Insights Google Analytics Identify Your Audience 14 12. 15 RECRUIT 13. Invite People Post Photos &amp; Videos Create Events Facebook Ads fundraising campaigns Facebook 16 14. Following Others Low Hanging Fruit Post Regularly RT Often &amp; Liberally Create a Hashtag Participate In #ff Twitter 17 15. Create Vlogs, PSAs &amp; appeals Drive fundraising via google checkout Create Call to action text overlays Youtube 18 16. Create A Social Media Policy 19 17. Create an Editorial Calendar 20 18. Use Scheduling Tools 19. Use Scheduling Tools 20. 23 ENGAGE 21. ENGAGE: Ask Questions 22. ENGAGE: Timing is Everything Morning: 8 9AM Lunch: 12 1PM End of Day: 4:30 6PM Night: 9:30 11PM Weekends vs. Wednesday 23. ENGAGE: Become a Curator Think 50/50 24. ENGAGE: Recognize &amp; Respond 25. ENGAGE: Tie In Live Events 26. 29 ACTIVATE 27. ACTIVATE: Create Superfans 28. ACTIVATE: Identify Key Influencers &amp; Donors Engage &amp; Interact With your Top 10% 29. ACTIVATE: Identify Key Influencers &amp; Donors Celebrate Key Allies: Donors, Volunteers, &amp; Milestones Myriad Blogs &amp; Posts 30. ACTIVATE: Identify Key Influencers &amp; Donors Engage Key Allies in Personal Asks Contests Work Well 31. 34 IDENTIFY RECRUIT ENGAGE ACTIVATE 32. s RESOURCE REVIEW 33. RESOURCE REVIEW 34. Thank You! @RituSharma1 </p>


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