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Social Media Delivered CEO Eve Mayer Orsburn spoke with authority during this Webniar focusing on Social Media and the Contact Centre on May 13th. Other featured panelists included were from McDaniel Executive Recruiting and Comcast,


  • 1. Social Media Realities What the heck is this stuff? Why should I care? Presented By: Tuesday May 13, 2010 Speaker: Eve Mayer Orsburn CEO/Founder, CEO/Founder Social Media Delivered
  • 2. AGENDA 1. What is Social Media? 2. 2 What does S i l M di I l d ? Wh d Social Media Include? 3. Why use Facebook? 4. Why use Twitter? h 5. Why use LinkedIn? 6. Social Media Principles
  • 3. WhatisSocialMedia? An ONLINE COMMUNITY shared with people who like and do similar things that you like and do A place to have a CONVERSATION with colleagues, fellow consumers, and customers , A place where people GIVE and GET information about things that interest them Social Media is simply people COMMUNICATING through new technologies h h h l
  • 4. WhatdoesSocialMediaInclude? FACEBOOK: The largest social media network Over 400 million users median age 26 50% of users access it daily users, 26, daily, more than 700,000 business have a fan page, more popular than Google TWITTER: A micro blog network micro-blog 105 million users; average age 31, short person-to-person text messages (140 characters) + pictures & videos, spreads any news (good or bad) FAST LINKEDIN: #1 Professional network site 65 million bus ess professionals, average age 41, t e most a ue t o business p o ess o a s, a e age , the ost affluent network (average income $109K), 80% of companies will use LinkedIn for hiring this year Other social media vehicles include YouTube for informational videos, Blogs for expert opinion articles
  • 5. Why use Facebook? Create brand awareness: Business to Consumer (B2C) Build loyalty through discussions Engage in customer communications Identify opportunities for improvement Release product and services information
  • 6. Why use Twitter? Simple to use and understand Platform for marketing, PR and customer relations Engage in customer communications Monitor to gauge customer opinions good or bad g g p g Nip product issues in the bud
  • 7. Why use LinkedIn? Targeted hiring/getting hired (actively or passively) Finds customers, forms business partnerships customers Finds venture capital and investors Establishes credibility with the right audience Creating topic-centric communities (LinkedIn Groups)
  • 8. Social Media Principles Start with a goal in mind You do NOT have to be everywhere all the time! E t bli h employee usage and Establish l d empowerment guidelines LISTEN CAREFULLY then monitor continuously Be prepared to act quickly when required Each social media vehicle (e.g. Twitter) requires ~32 hours/month q / Consider out-tasking for a rapid, professional & effective start
  • 9. Social Media Principles The social media equation INFORMING 20% + ENTERTAINING 20% + INTERACTING 40% + CONVERTING TO BUSINESS 20% = BUSINESS SUCCESS
  • 10. LEARN MORE GO TO FOR A COMPLIMENTARY E-BOOK: SOCIAL NETWORKING E BOOK: AND ITS GOVERNANCE IN THE WORKPLACE Got Questions? W G Q i ? Want a copy of this presentation? f hi i ? Contact: Free Social Media Tips Here: www Twitter com/LinkedInQueen Social Media is all we do