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How marketers and business owners new to social media can start monitoring their company's social media presence in 10-minutes/day. Also explains how to measure and analyze your social media presence.


  • 1.Social Media Monitoring in 10 Minutes a Day Rick Burnes Marketing Manager @HubSpot Twitter: @RickBurnes

2. Whats HubSpot? Founded in July 2006; grew out of research at MIT Sells inbound marketing software 2,300+ customers; 120+ employees 2 3. Agenda I. About Social Media Monitoring & Inbound MarketingII. Why use social media?III. How do I monitor it?IV. How to measure it? 3 4. This Isnt Social Media MonitoringPhoto: Penmachine 5. This Is Flickr: Susan NYCSocial media monitoring isnt about being super techy. Its about listening. 5 6. Social Media Is Not Just MarketingRecruitingInternal Communication Sales & Support And lots more 6 7. Traditional Marketing (Outbound) 7 8. Marketing Today (Inbound) 8 9. How Do the Best New Companies Market? 1950 - 20002000 - 2050 9 10. What Is Inbound Marketing? ProcessWebsite Visitors ToolsGet Found Get Found Publish Content Mgmt Promote Blogging Optimize Social Media SEOGet Found Analytics Convert Convert Test Offers / CTAs Landing Pages TargetConvert Email Nurture Lead Intelligence Lead Mgmt AnalyticsCustomers 10 11. Twitter Feeds the Funnel & Helps Convert Blogging SEO Social Media Monitoring Email Pay-Per-ClickWebsite Visitors Social LeadsMediaMonitoring Customers 11 12. AgendaI. About Social Media Monitoring &Inbound Marketing II. Why use social media? III. How do I monitor it? IV. How to measure it? 12 13. Social Media Is Now a StapleFlickr: anitacanita Flickr: sierravalleygirl Unmeasured Highly measurable Small scale Massive scale No business impact Major driver of leads, sales But lots of fun Still fun 13 14. PR, Social-Media StyleNeed to urgently speak with a business that is very actively leveraging social media strategies; for ZDNet I spoke about our use of social media for biz on 2 panels - AND 408 555-1234? I will call you right now 15. PR, Social-Media StyleElapsed Time: 50 Minutes 16. The Old Days: Just Search 16 17. Today: Social Media Matters, Too 17 18. Social Media Plays a Role in SEOResults fromTwitter 18 19. Social Media Drives Leads HubSpot Social Media LeadsTwitter is largest category, at >40% of HubSpots total social media leads.19 20. AgendaI. About Social Media Monitoring &Inbound Marketing II. Why use social media? III. How do I monitor it? IV. How to measure it? 20 21. How to Get StartedListenShare Your ContentListen More Build Relationships 21 22. Your Daily Minimum10 minutes. Sometimes youll spend more.This is a minimum to start the conversation. 22 23. Setup Google Alerts 1. Sign up foran alert. 2. Set Deliver to toFeed 23 24. Add the Feeds to Google ReaderSubscribe to the feed in Google Reader 24 25. Create Feeds for Twitter1. Search foryour brand2. Grab the feed for your 25 26. How to Add a Feed Copy feed Click onaddress feed icon 26 27. Add Feeds From LinkedIn Answers Add aLinkedInAnswersFeed 27 28. Learn Key Commands K ScrollsUpJ Scrolls Down 28 29. Check Facebook 29 30. How to Break Down 10 Minutes 7 MinutesCheck Google Reader- Google Alerts- Twitter- LinkedIn- Industry-Specific Feeds3 MinutesCheck Facebook-Wall-Discussions 30 31. Imma Let U Finish but u missed the best social media tool evar! 31 32. More Is Not Better Flickr: feastoffun Too much Twitter will make you sick. Balance your time on social media.32 33. What Do You Do With More Time? Go mingle! (Build relationships.)33 34. Pick the Right InteractionsComment on sites with authority.http://alerts.grader.com34 35. Save Flattering Comments 35 36. What If You Get Negative Comments? If its helpful, rational feedback Address the commentsRespondthoroughly, openly and honestly Follow-up with action Dont extend the discussion If the feedback is irrational ordesigned to draw you into anDont extended dialogueRespond Make sure everybody at yourcompany knows youve decidedto ignore the comment36 37. Dont Just Make NoiseFlickr: pb031Flickr: Property#1Constant chatter on social media doesnt move leads into your sales funnel.Unique, valuable content will. 37 38. Conversation & DistributionConversationANDDistribution 38 39. Blogging Increases Twitter Reach 39 40. What to Publish? Blog Podcast Videos Photos Presentations eBooks News Releases 40 41. What Gets Shared? Rarely FrequentlySharedShared Product info New data Free trials Funny videos Software documentation Top-notch blog posts 41 42. Dont Talk About Your Product 43. AgendaI. About Social Media Monitoring &Inbound Marketing II. Why use social media? III. How do I monitor it? IV. How to measure it? 43 44. Dont Get Distracted 44 45. Use Twitter Graderhttp://Twitter.Grader.com45 46. Use Facebook Grader 46 47. Track Reach 47 48. Measure the Impact on Your Funnel Website VisitorsCustomers 48 49. How to Track Your Funnel Track visitors.49 50. How to Track Your Funnel Track leads.50 51. How to Track Your Funnel Track customers.51 52. Why Tracking Via Channels Is Critical NetVisitors Leads Conversion CustomersConversionTwitter 3,289554 17% 12 0.4%Facebook 50475 15% 61.2%Stumbleupon511285% 10.2% 52 53. Final Thoughts 53 54. 20th Century Customers Highly transactional, anonymous. 54 55. 21st Century Customers Relationship based; they want to go where everybody knows their name. 55 56. Build Leverage 56 57. Too Many Pieces to Put Together! d.j.k. on flickr 57 58. HubSpot Puts the Pieces Together 58 59. SEO, Social Media Work Together 59 60. Thank You! Sign up for a free trial of HubSpot: with me: LinkedIn: Twitter: