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  • 1. Social Media Barometer PRSA Western District Conference Mar$n Waxman April 19, 2013 2013 Martin Waxman. All rights Reserved. @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 2. Good to meet you IRL tinwaxman @mar@martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 3. Search me @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 4. Search me @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 5. Search me Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny Is seman$c search the end of serendipity? @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 6. The new genera$on gap @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 7. Id like that to go Mobility means never having to say you cant reach me @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 8. The face of new media We do the programming but we dont get paid @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 9. Digital rst Beyond publicity Time for PR to lead @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 10. puPng things in focus @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 11. How we get there 1.Strategy 2.Training 3.Content@martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 12. Barometer 1. Search me semantic searchis it the end of serendipity? 2. Generation gap 35 is the new dividing line 3. Id like that to go mobility means our online connections are always with us 4. Face of new media were the programmers yet we dont get paid 5. Digital first communications medias adapting. PR can no longer sit idly by@martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 13. @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  • 14. Contact: Martin Waxman Blog: myPALETTE Twitter: @martinwaxman Inside PR@martinwaxman #PRSAWDC