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  • 1. 100 mill USD in marketing+ 2 mill users in 2 weeks+ 15 min per user on platform
  • 2. Excellence Competence Skill Attitude KnowledgeInformation
  • 3. +95%
  • 4. 1What do we as a business want people to do?In order to do it, what do they need to learn? How to learn it? Core pedagogical challenge
  • 5. 2 Will learning be improved by involving people? Low Degree of involvement High Involvement is Involving some Involvement of allnot necessary or employees can employees is a possible improve the necessity for knowledge base learning
  • 6. Low involvement Base knowledge of financial products Use of logo types (branding details) How to engage in process or transaction (e.g. record data)
  • 7. Partial involvementInvolvement from a dedicated group of employeescreates knowledge which benefits the learning ofeveryone.
  • 8. 3How do we create a learning flow which (may or may not) involve social elements? Social media isSocial media Social media is an element of the is not used the main engine learning flow
  • 9. AuthorsPeter Svarrewww.petersvarre.dkKristian