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Social Marketing for Real Estate InvestorsIn this presentation, we will go over the following:

Social Marketing: What is it?

Lean Startup for Real Estate Investing

Overview of Social Marketing Channels

Growth Hacking, Outsourcing, & Automation

Case Study: Patch of Lands Journey

Social Marketing Workshop & Ongoing Support

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2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.2

About the Presenter Manolis SfinarolakisCommunity & Social Marketing Manager of Patch of Land, one of the top 5 Peer-to-Peer Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms in the world.

Founder & CEO of Reality Crowd TV Media Corporation whose mission is to inform, educate, inspire, and motivate entrepreneurs worldwide to start small businesses. Reality Crowd TV helps entrepreneurs with a variety of efforts including providing a blueprint on how to crowdfund.

2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.3

What is Social Marketing?A relationship-based approach to marketing a business across online mediums of social media and websites

Translates into an online campaigns, consistently getting in front of potential customers & clients until they trust the brand, view the brand as a thought leader, and engage with the brand

Social Marketing is not is a substitute for offline activities. Face-to-face interaction, phone calls, attending events, & creating meaningful relationships can never be outsourced completely2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.4

Why Social Marketing MattersInformation is the new power broker and the Internet is its domain

Millennials are coming of age and access all of their information online. Whether its Google, Facebook, or other web-based media, this is where the party is at

Thought leadership & online community is the new sales funnel. An expert simply knows a little more than most people, and anyone can do that!

What activities are you currently engaged in?2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.5

Social Marketing Applies in Real EstateRegardless of your companys size, Social Marketing applies to your RE Biz. It allows you to:find motivated buyers and sellersexpand your business locally, nationally & globallyfind wholesale & rehab dealsfind more listingsbecome a real estate expertlook more credible onlinebuild a referral networkaccess funding online (crowdfunding)look, act, & feel bigger than you are!2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.6

Where Do We Go From Here?Audience Poll: By a show of hands, how many people fall into the following experience levels:Newbie investorHave at least 1 deal doneHave more than 1 deal doneAre a real estate service providerAre a real estate or mortgage broker / agentAre a private money lender and passive investor

We must do as they do in Silicon Valley and implement Lean Startup Methodology for our Real Estate Startup!2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.7

Recommended Reading: The Lean Startup

2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.8

Some Key Terms To KnowMinimum Viable Product (MVP):Defined as the product or servicewith the highest return on investment versus riskIn other words, it is the product or service that gets the job done with the lowest risk, lowest cost, and in the fastest time possible to prove the concept & marketPivot:Defined as structural course corrections, which are designed to test a new fundamental assumption about a product or business model. Startup experts believepivotsare permanent routines for any growing company even after they achieve early success2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.9


Business Plan vs. Business ModelLean Startup Methodology promotes the business model: fluid, shorter in composition, and is meant to test assumptions, learn from them, and pivot if necessary as compared to biz planThe Lean Canvas is where the business model is documented & adjusted: great resource and free website to plan your lean startup is at http://startitup.coThe father of Lean Startup Steve Blank has an amazing resource library at Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.10

Lean Startup for Real EstateWhat are the minimum things you need to get started in your lean startup real estate business?Your Big Why: The Mission & Vision of your BizImportant for the type of content & voice you are expressing as you socially market yourself to the worldWebsite: Simple site with blogging capabilities & contact formRecommend WordPress for ease of useMultiple Plugins available for email marketingSocial Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetup, Google Plus (Webinars), Bigger Pockets, Facebook/Instagram2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.11

Your Big WhyYour Big Why:

Is the reason for creating your companyIs personally connected to your passionsIs inspiring to you and hence, inspiring to others

Example Patch of Land: Building Wealth, Growing Communities

Patch of Land solves the problem of traditionally inefficient, fragmented, and opaque real estate lending with proprietary technology and a data-driven process that provides transparency, and scalable, efficient underwriting. Patch of Land meets the growing demand in real estate debt financing with a system that eliminates unnecessary delays and fees that borrowers traditionally experience when seeking financing. 2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.12

Your WebsiteYour Website:

Conveys your mission & what you doAllows you to collect potential leads & dataProvides access to information & educationPositions you as a thought leader in real estate


Use WordPress for ease of use and blogging capabilityInstall SumoMe plugin for email lead captureDecide whether you will email leads 1 on 1 or newsletter2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.13

Social MediaSocial Media:

Most efficient and free marketing source availableMust know the basic principles of it to leverage itOutsourcing & Automation amplify your reach


Use social media initially to listen to conversations, cadence, toneIf new to it, start with 2 platforms, master those, then expand into othersBecome a thought leader by sharing your knowledge via blog posts and webinars, then syndicate across Google +, LinkedIn and TwitterPractice the use of and test social media marketing toolsAutomate via tools or outsource where necessary once you master each platform personally. Lead by example!2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.14

Overview of Social Marketing Channels

2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.15

Key Social Media Principles You Must Understand To Get The Most Out Of It!If you follow them, they might follow you backKnow & Speak to your target audienceProvide regular & relevant contentLeverage automation & outsourcing to amplify (see growth hacking section later on)Build relationships and strategic partnershipsImages & Videos get more engagementMixing Links with Images gets more link clicksEngage with others. Participate in online events. Experiment with tools and strategies. Have fun!

2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.16

TwitterBest for Link Clicks to your website without having to pay per click (PPC)Methods of engagementPosting content of your ownRetweeting: Sharing someone else's contentFavorite: Liking someone elses contentFollow / Unfollow: Adding or decreasing followers@Reply: Sending a direct tweet to someone (public)Direct Message: Sending a direct message (private)Twitter Chats & Hashtags: Participating in chats organized around a Hashtag (see #P2RE example)2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.17

LinkedInBest for direct business development relationships with your target market & list buildingMethods of engagementPosting status updates (personal & company page)Connecting with business professionalsRobust search capabilitiesComments, liking, and sharing contentWriting blog posts and sharing themJoining groups of like minded professionalsSending private messages to 1st level connectionsCreating a professional profile & receiving/giving recommendations & endorsementsBuilding your email list by exporting LinkedIn contacts into your email marketing system via csv file2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.18

Google PlusBest for hosting thought leadership webinars through Google Hangouts & YouTube integrationMethods of engagementPosting your own content & liking, sharing, and commenting on the content of othersCreating events & live recorded webinars through YouTube integrationLearning from and joining other webinars held by other usersJoining & engaging in communities of like minded professionalsFollow / Unfollow of Circles; the contact management system of Google PlusDirectly emailing a user in Google Plus through accountRepurposing recorded webinars as content on your websiteInviting other people to join your webinar to be interviewed2015 Patch of Land. Proprietary & Confidential.19

FacebookIf you have a marketing budget, Facebook advertising may be an option for youMethods of engagementPosting content (Personal & Company Pages)Boosting posts / paid marketing budgetEngaging in groups of people with similar interestsLiking, commenting, and sharing contentNative video content is huge on FacebookGhosted Paid Posts great for link clicks to websiteRemarketing & Google Tag Manager prominentPrivate messaging pe


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