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  1. 1. Social Learning in a Mobile World Alex Mackman Technical Director CM Group Ltd
  2. 2. CM Group 2015 Company background Social learning options (in relation to LMS) The Experience API Case studies Interactive exercise Q&A Agenda
  3. 3. CM Group 2015 Founded January 2000 60 full time staff Client partnership focus Based in the UK with US office (Seattle) Financial Security no debt, good cash reserves Microsoft Premier Vendor (top 2% / 27,000) ISO 9001:2008 accredited & UK Ministry of Defence FATS4 approved ISO 27001 pending G-Cloud approved (now part of the UK Governments Digital Marketplace) CM Group Ltd
  4. 4. CM Group 2015 Partners
  5. 5. CM Group 2015
  6. 6. Social Learning
  7. 7. CM Group 2015 Enterprise social networks Online forums | communities | discussions Wikis RSS feeds (news and blogs) Content rating Content sharing | User generated content Gamification (competition and leaderboards) Social Options
  8. 8. CM Group 2015 Enterprise Social Networks
  9. 9. CM Group 2015 Online forums: Discourse
  10. 10. The Experience API An enabling technology and the key to managing social and informal learning
  11. 11. CM Group 2015 What is the Experience API? Next generation SCORM Free from obsolete, constraining constructs Record any learning experience Includes informal learning, recognising the 70:20:10 model Removes LMS reliance Content can be located and launched from anywhere Helps prove training ROI By correlating job performance with training data
  12. 12. CM Group 2015 The Learning Record Store Learning Record Store (LRS) Online course completions Quiz and assessment results Social network usage Sharing content App usage Content views Yammer posts / community participation / answering questions ILT class attendance Seminar attendance Video consumption
  13. 13. CM Group 2015 A Tin Can Statement Noun Verb Object Alex posted to the Yammer Sales group Peter experienced the Salesforce CRM demonstration Jane attended a mentoring session Chris attended a seminar Steve completed Company Induction Training with a result of 85% on 21st February 2014 at 14:35
  14. 14. CM Group 2015 Training ROI 1 2 3 4 Results Behaviour Learning Reaction What participants feel about the training. Usually measured by course evaluation forms. The resulting increase in knowledge or skills and changes in attitude. Usually measured by demonstration or test. The transfer of knowledge and skills to the job. Change in job behaviour due to training. Usually measured by observation. The performance based or monetary final results that occurred due to the training i.e. the business benefits. Harder to measure [Donald Kirkpatrick]
  15. 15. CM Group 2015 What about existing LMS? Learning Record Store (LRS) Corporate LMS Online course completions Quiz and assessment results Social network usage Sharing content App usage ILT class attendance Seminar attendance Video consumption
  16. 16. Gamification A magic ingredient
  17. 17. CM Group 2015 The application of gaming principles and mechanics to non-gaming environments1 1 Catherine Aurelio, Gamification: (TED, July 2011). What is gamification?
  18. 18. CM Group 2015 B. J. Foggs Behaviour Model (FBM) states that three elements must converge at the same time for a target behaviour to occur: Foggs Behaviour Model Trigger
  19. 19. CM Group 2015 Reward Status Achievement Self- expression Competition Points Levels Challenges Awards Leader boards Human Needs & Gamification Elements
  20. 20. CM Group 2015 Luminosity support Gamification Rules Points and awards are allocated as a result of Tin Can (xAPI) activity statements hitting the LRS based on a set of programmable rules xAPI LRS Leaderboard Online course completions Quiz and assessment results Pin Point usage Sharing content App usage Rule definition Content views Points Awards Yammer posts / community participation / answering questions ILT class attendance
  21. 21. CM Group 2015 Predictions Gartner predicts that this year: 70% of the top 2000 global organisations will use gamification as a primary mechanism for organisational change This is a >100% increase from the 20% predicted in 2012
  22. 22. Case Studies Extended Enterprise LMS
  23. 23. CM Group 2015 Home page showing points, achievements and leader board Win page providing monthly challenges and an opportunity to win prizes Watch page providing short Videos covering a range of People management skills Read page providing news, Worksheets and other resources Users can add content to a favourites page for quick access
  24. 24. CM Group 2015
  25. 25. CM Group 2015
  26. 26. CM Group 2015 Others RBS / NatWest Telefonica O2 iOSH Hydrographic Academy Foreign and Commonwealth Office Warsash Superyacht and Maritime Academy
  27. 27. Interactive Exercise The Luminosity Mentor Mobile Learning Apps
  28. 28. CM Group 2015 1. Install the demo Luminosity Mentor App 2. Create a new user account 3. View content 4. Rate content 5. Share content 6. View discussion forum Exercise
  29. 29. CM Group 2015 Search the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices), and search for Luminosity Mentor or Scan a QR code Install the Luminosity Mentor App iOS Android
  30. 30. CM Group 2015 Create a New User Account
  31. 31. CM Group 2015 View Content
  32. 32. CM Group 2015 Rate Content
  33. 33. CM Group 2015 View discussion forum
  34. 34. Q&A Any questions?
  35. 35. For more information Visit: Email: Follow: @CMGroupLtd