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Social and Behavioral Sciences College of Arts and Sciences Overview Session. Social and Behavioral Sciences. Scientific study of the impact of biological, psychological, social, cultural, and environmental factors as they affect men and women, as individuals or groups. Anthropology. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Social and Behavioral SciencesCollege of Arts and Sciences Overview Session

  • Social and Behavioral SciencesScientific study of the impact of biological, psychological, social, cultural, and environmental factors as they affect men and women, as individuals or groups.

  • Social & Behavioral SciencesGeographyCommunicationPolitical SciencePsychologySociologySpeech & Hearing AnthropologyEconomics

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences 234 faculty

    5 Doctoral programs designated as high quality or strong Political Science, Psychology, Economics, Geography, Atmospheric Sciences

    4 departments that are demonstrably central to university reputations Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology

  • Department RankingsUS News & World Report

    Rankings (2010)Disciplinary PercentilesPsychology 17 / 10 OSU Psychology 8%Political Science 17 / 7 OSU Political Science 16%Sociology 17 / 8 OSU Sociology 16% Economics 28 / 10 OSU Economics 22%

    NRC ranking (1995)Geography 5Anthropology 66Communication n/a

    *All Universities / Public Universities

  • Top-rated Programs

    PROGRAMS RANKSUS News (2010)Social Psychology 2American Politics 8Social Stratification 8

    Political Methodology 11International Relations 15Population (Soc) 16Speech/Lan path 18 Audiology - 19

  • SBS Faculty Awards & Honors25 University Distinguished Scholars 6 Distinguished University Professors5 University Distinguished Lecturers35 Alumni Teaching Award Recipients1 National Academy of Science Member4 Fellows American Academy of Arts & Sciences15 Fellows American Association for the Advancement of Science Current & Emeriti Faculty

  • SBS FY09 Expenses by Fund Type

  • Top 10 Undergraduate MajorsAutumn 2009

    MajorCount%RankBiology19524.72%1Psychology14593.53%2Finance10162.46%3Political Science8942.16%4English8712.11%5Accounting8031.94%6Marketing7961.93%7Communication7611.84%8International Studies7491.81%9Mechanical Engineering6331.53%10

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    SBS Undergraduate Credit Hour Trend


    Credit HoursSBS Undergraduate Credit Hour Trend









  • The Ohio State ImpactStudy Abroad:186 SBS students explored the world in2009-2010

  • Do Something Great!SBS Undergraduate Research & Internship Activities:

    700 students participated in research opportunities

    900 students held positions as interns


  • Outreach & Engagement

    Forensics in the Classroom

    Collective effort of Anthropology, Moritz College of Law, Metro High School, Battelle, PAST

    Experimental Economics Camps

    NSF-funded project

  • Outreach & Engagement

    Public Policy Minor Community PartnershipsSmarter Cities and Sustain Lane ProjectLocal Food Initiative

    Partnerships with Rural Ohio Schools School of Communication and Penn State collaboration

  • Social &Behavioral SciencesCenter for Urban & Regional Analysis Byrd Polar Research Center

    Criminal Justice Research CenterCenter for HumanResource Research

  • Social &Behavioral SciencesClimate, Water, Carbon TIEPopulation & HealthTIEBehavioral Decision-makingTIE

  • Social and Behavioral SciencesStudy how men and women, as individuals or groups, interact with their physical and social environments.Excerpt from the College of the Arts & Sciences 1999-2000 Bulletin


    Forensics in the classroom and summer camps engage high school students from Columbus and around the country, respectively, in field and classroom instruction in excavation and forensic exploration, DNA fingerprint analysis, bone and tooth analysis, crime-scene processing, and evidence collection and documentation. Sessions culminate with a mock trial at which student forensics teams present evidence to a visiting judge nd attorneys from the Ohio Attorney Generals office.

    Economics Camp is new and will have its first sessions this summer. 2-day camps for high school students to learn more about the importance of economic phenomena in a hands-on way, experiencing first had the effects of incentives, institutions, and behavior on economic outcomes. Goal: Get students to think about the principles of microeconomics and how those principles might operate the real world.*The Smarter Cities and SustainLane project (2010): Students in the Department of Political Sciences Public Policy Minor (PPM) capstone course are partnering with Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and the citys Get Green campaign to explore ways to enhance the citys rankings in sustainability and green initiatives. The partnership with the city was initiated in 2008 and the PPM capstone students are assigned new projects annually. The Local Food Initiative (2010): Students in the departments public policy minor capstone course are partnering with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) to research regional programs that promote the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of locally grown food. The partnership with MORPC was established in 2008 and students in the PPM capstone course are assigned new projects annually.

    Partnership with rural Ohio schools: (current) Janice Raup-Krieger, assistant professor, communication, is partnering with Penn State to reach out to 15 schools in rural Ohio and Pennsylvania to examine the effectiveness of culturally tailored substance use prevention programming (Note: this research project recently won the 2010 Penn State Community Engagement and Scholarship Award).

    **Population and Health: Recognizes increased social and behavioral science contributions to study of health and health improvement at both individual and group levels.

    Builds on existing College-wide growth in population and health research in particular, on the strengths and complementary theoretical and methodological perspectives of Psychology, Sociology, Economics, and Political Science.

    Involves active partners in three other colleges. EHEC, Nursing, Public Health

    Takes advantage of NIH-funded Initiative in Population to integrate group-oriented population researchers with individual-oriented health treatment researchers.

    Recently received an NIH population Center award. The TIE, then is expected to turn OSU into a leading center for population/health research in social and behavioral sciences, anchored by a NIH-funded population center

    Behavioral Decision-makingBuilds on existing strengths and complementary theoretical perspectives of 3 SI departments: Economics, Political Science, and Psychology.

    Designed to advance theoretical and empirical study of decision making as function of: individual and collective rationality, psychological factors, and social and institutional contexts.Involves interested partners in Finance and Law who have potential for even more involvement.