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Breeze through the main components of the committee\'s first fun-filled language program - a sort of insight.


  • 1. SNL Builders ACE American English Farhan Naushad, ChairmanUsama Latif, Patron Birds eye view

2. Activities We intend to celebrate certain activities 3. Activity 1

  • Delegates will be divided into THREE subgroups.

MAIN GROUP SUBJECTS ACTIONS PLACES 4. GRAND COALITION (?) a few examples Rawal Lake/Dam Swimming (INDIVIDUALS or GROUP) Habib Bank Ltd. Anaylyzing Data Doctors Savor Foods Attending a conference Aishwairya At the general/medical store (D.Watson) Waiting for office van (cab) or Buying groceries Zeba Bakhtayar Muscle ManiaGym Travelling to work Obama (Near the) video store Walking his/her dog Bush (At the) Workplace (office) Eating (can be more specific) Musharraf PLACE Team ACTION Team SUBJECT Team 5. When combined theyll make sentences. Or would they?

  • MusharrafAttending a conferenceSavor Foods
  • Aishwairya Swimming Rawal Lake/Dam
  • BushWaiting for office van(Near the) video store

6. Fix em up

  • Musharraf isAttending a conference atSavor Foods.
  • AishwairyaisSwimminginRawal Lake/Dam.
  • Bush wasWaiting for office van near thevideo store.

7. Yes/No Questions are Are is Is Marytall and thin. Mary tall and thin? Yes, she is / No, she isnt Yes, she is tall and thin. / No, she is not tall and thin Affirmative Statement: Yes / No question: Short Answers: Full /Complete Answers: John and Peterstudents. John and Peter students? Yes, they are/ No, they arent Yes, they are students. / No they are not students. Affirmative Statement: Yes / No question: Short Answers: Full /Complete Answers: 8. WH - QUESTIONS How are you? I am sad. How is Loja? It is small. State Form / manner How Where is he? In the house. Places Where Who is the director of the school?Carlos Samaniego. People Who What is this? It is a book. What is your name? Roberth. What do you do? I am a driver. What is he doing? Hes working ThingsNameOccupationsActivities What Example Information about Wh-word 9. PRESENT CONTINOUS They arenotstudying We arenotwalking It isnotrunning She isnotreading He isnotsleeping You arenot eating I amnotdancing NEGATIVE Are they studying? They are studying Are we walking? We are walking Is it running? It is running Is she reading? She is reading Is he sleeping? He is sleeping Are you eating? You are eating Am I dancing? I am dancing YES/NO QUESTIONS AFFIRMATIVE 10. NEGATIVE AND QUESTIONS Canthey walk ? Canwe sing? Canit run? Canshe swim? Canhe play? Canyou dance? CanI cook? YES/NO QUESTIONS Yes, they can / No, they cant Yes, we can / No, we cant Yes, it can / No, it cant Yes, she can / No, she cant Yes, he can / No, he can`t Yes I can /No I cant Yes, you can / No,you cant SHORT ANSWERS They cannotwalkWe cannotsing It cannotrun She cannotswim He cannotplay You cannotdance I cannotcook NEGATIVE They can walkWe can sing It canrun She can swim He can play You can dance I can cook AFFIRMATIVE 11. 12 Traditional (VERB) Tenses Future Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Future Continuous Simple Future Past Perfect Continuous PastPerfect PastContinuous SimplePast Present Perfect Continuous Present Perfect Present Continuous Simple Present 12. Simple Present

  • It is used to signal the following meanings:
  • Habitual actions in the present.
  • ~ He walks to class every day.
  • General timeless truths.
  • ~ Water freezes at 0 degrees centigrade.
  • Sensory or mental perception in the present.
  • ~ I see a sign in the corner.
  • ~ I know that Charlotte is a teacher.
  • Narrative present
  • ~ Seema hits the ball and fallsover .

13. Present Continuous

  • Action in progress
  • ~ She is eating her lunch now.
  • A temporary present occupation or activity
  • ~She is studying at Keele University now.
  • Repetition in a series of similar ongoing actions
  • ~Tommy is pushing the football around the garden.

14. Simple past

  • A definite completed action in the past.
  • ~He flew to Multan on Saturday.
  • Habitual action in the past.
  • ~ Sana jogged to work every day last year .
  • A situation that applied in the past with the implication that it no longer applies in the present.
  • ~ Professor Hari Prasad Singh lectured at Punjab University for 30 years.

15. Past Progressive

  • An action in progress at a specific point of time in the past
  • ~We were playing cricket at 1.00pm on Wednesday.
  • Past action simultaneous with some other past event
  • ~ Students were working in the language lab when I walked past the door.
  • Repetition of some on-goingpast action
  • ~She was talking throughout the entire film.

16. Simple future

  • An action to take place at some definite future time
  • ~Rooprekha will walk to Saddar tomorrow.
  • A future habitual action or future state
  • ~Sana will take the bus to Hanley next year.
  • A situation that may occur in the present and will occur in the future but with a definite enddate.
  • ~You will live in England until you finish your degree.

17. Future Continuous

  • An action that will be in progress at a specific time in the near future
  • ~He will be walking to school at 9.00am tomorrow.
  • Duration of some specific future action
  • ~Begam Nawazish Ali will be working on her (?) thesis for the next ten years.

18. Present Perfect

  • A situation that began in the past and that continues into the present.
  • ~Professor Faran has taught English for 24 years.
  • A past experience with current relevance
  • ~I have already seen that movie.
  • A very recently completed action
  • ~Kareena has just finished her homework.

19. Present Perfect Progressive

  • A situation or habit that began in the past and that continues up to the present
  • ~I have been living in Bahawalpur for 19 years.
  • The incompleteness of an action in progress
  • ~I have been reading a book.
  • {Compare I have read a book.}

20. Past Perfect

  • An action completed in the past prior to some other past event
  • ~He had already walked to Polyclinic Chowk before I could offer him a ride.
  • Past conditional
  • ~If she had studied harder, she would have passed the exam.

21. Past Perfect Progressive

  • An action or habit taking place over a period of time in the past prior to some other past event
  • ~He had been walking to work before his father bought him a bicycle.
  • A past action that is in progress gets interrupted by another past action
  • ~We had been planning to holiday in Gilgit but changed our minds when we heard about the bad weather.

22. Future Perfect

  • A future action that will be completed prior to a specific future time
  • ~I will have finished this work by midnight.
  • A state or action that will be completed in the future prior to some other future time or event
  • ~I will have finished my essayby the time you return from clubbing.

23. Future Perfect Progressive

  • Habitual action that is taking place in the present and that will continue into the future up until or through a specific future time
  • ~He will have been studying for 3 hours by the time I get home.

24. Activity 2

  • The Whispering Round-the-Table Conference

25. Activity 3

  • Listen to while having the text clearly visible to us.
  • Watch Indian-American Movie Clips, e.g., The Namesake, Bride & Prejudice and the like.