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  1. 1. Marketing Meets Technology
  2. 2. Snapchat Stories
  3. 3. Snapchat offers real-time communication and is a great space to create excitement surrounding your services and/or products. With over a million active users a day, the potential reach is massive. Showing and sharing snaps, is your personal view of the world.
  4. 4. 100 million+ active users daily 70% female & 30% male 71% under 21 400+ million snaps sent daily Snapkidz available Fast Facts
  5. 5. filter lenses screenshot Learn the Lingo snap story chat replay snapcash
  6. 6. Learn the Lingo snapcode snapcode selfie score trophy case stickers
  7. 7. sponsored lenses 3V advertising local premium live story Advertising discover
  8. 8. can scan ghost (to add) people send snaps of everything get a student to snap promote snapchat on other outlets teens cant get enough, parents fear it & investors love it Mad Takeaways
  9. 9. Vine Videos
  10. 10. Vine is app that allows users to create six second videos that loop continuously. Companies can capture the millennial market who are active on this channel and follow brands, celebs and friends. To be successful remember constraint requires creativity and you must capture your audience immediately.
  11. 11. 1 billion+ vine loops played daily 70% users millennials weekends most popular time owned by Twitter 5 vines tweeted/second launched January 2013 Fast Facts
  12. 12. Learn the Lingo vine - short six second video viner - someone who regularly uses the platform on fleek - when something is on point or perfect activity tab - where activity is tracked squad - regular group of friends loop - six second period of video yaaaaaas - same as yes but enthusiastic
  13. 13. Advertising free for business creativity is key audience is ambassadors access to audiences audience
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Mad Takeaways add music can browse (by hashtag or topic) cant access album, must be live challenge to craft something in six seconds
  16. 16. YouTube
  17. 17. Youtube is a video sharing website where content ranges from education, and entertaining - to eerie. Social media personalities, brands and pets are all active on this platform. YouTube offers an abundance of information and entertainment.
  18. 18. Created 2005 1 billion+ users 4.5 billion+ videos viewed a day 400 hours+ of video uploaded/minute 76+ languages 40 minute sessions (average) Hello by Adele received 100 million+ views in 5 days Fast Facts
  19. 19. Learn the Lingo channel subscriber embedding favourites playlist
  20. 20. Advertising TruView ads Youtube space team in-search, in -slate, in-display influencers targeting
  21. 21. Advertising
  22. 22. Go Pro
  23. 23. Go Pro
  24. 24. The Ellen Show
  25. 25. Apple
  26. 26. WestJet
  27. 27. Mad Takeaways customize channel portray ideal lifestyle be unique keep channel organized share videos across all outlets put thought into titles & tags
  28. 28. (226) 444-0434


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