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Reflecting on Learning


<ul><li> 1. Revisit your summer learning experience: write a reflective story </li></ul> <p> 2. What you will learn here: Our Summer Course is almost over time to reflect on it: 1. A short introduction about reflections 2. A quick review about writing a paragraph 3. A quick review about linking words 4. Finally: Write a story using some prompts 3. What is a reflection? 4. 1 . Reflect on your learning You may ask yourself questions like these: What did I do? What was important about it? Where could I use it again? Do I see any patterns in what I did? How well did I do? What should I do next? Model developed by Peter Poppas 5. 1 . Reflect on your learning This means that you are doing the following: What did I do? =&gt; Remembering What was important about it? =&gt; Understanding / Assessing Where could I use it again? =&gt; Applying Do I see any patterns in what I did?=&gt; Analyzing How well did I do? =&gt; Evaluating What should I do next? =&gt; Creating Model developed by Peter Poppas 6. 1. Reflect on your learning Your Turn A good way to start a reflection process is to create a mind map: More about mind maps: Nice free mind map program: 7. 1. Reflect on your learning 8. 2. Reflect on your learning After browsing your mind and revisiting your learning experience After making some notes. Write down your thoughts: we will use the paragraph format. 9. A paragraph talks about one main idea. This main idea is the topic of the paragraph. The paragraph includes specific details and examples about the main idea. Topic Sentence 1. Supporting Sentence 2. Supporting Sentence 3. Supporting Sentence Concluding sentence 2. What is a paragraph? 10. Topic Sentence: During the Online Summer Folklorama I made a presentation about my home country. 1. Supporting Sentence: This was my very first presentation in English! I created a PPT and sent it to my e-Facilitator. It was a lot of fun to select nice pictures. 2. Supporting Sentence: Then I presented during the online class. I was very excited and nervous. But things went well. I got some feed back from my e-Facilitator regarding pronunciation which was helpful. Concluding sentence: I realized that making such a presentation was not as difficult as I thought initially. It was also very interesting to watch all the other presentations. Practice: Main Idea, Topic Sentence, Supporting Details and Concluding Sentence Main Idea: My first English presentation 11. 3. Linking words When writing a paragraph, it is very important to connect the sentences with linking words! Linking words/phrases can be used to add ideas together, contrast them, or show the reason for something. gepoint.shtml 12. 3. Linking words Firstly, secondly, finally Then 2010, 2011. Sequencing ideas and In addition also Adding information Due to the fact Because Since Giving a reason but Despite the factContrasting ideas therefore soGiving a result 13. 3. Linking words Link Collection: Overview Excellent interactive BBC site: Excellent, interactive U of Vic site: 14. 3. Linking words Handouts Transitions &amp; Linking Words LINKING WORDS AND PHRASES - Flinders University Quizzes 15. Your Turn to Practise Follow the reflective questions and write a story about your learning experience this summer. Use the prompts on the following page if you think they are helpful. Save your reflection in your Learning Journal. The e-Facilitators will be happy to give feedback! 16. Begin with a topic sentence. The topic sentence introduces what you want to talk about. It makes the reader want to know more. The summer course with English Online was an interesting learning experience. Add two or three supporting sentences. First you can explain what activities you did. Then you can tell the reader what was challenging or new.finally you can mention where you will use your new skills. You should add examples. I choose the following. Write a concluding sentence. It summarizes what has been said. You might want to add what you will do next. Looking back this was a great 17. Thank you for your hard work! See you again </p>