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My final presentation for the Bucks IU course Social Media for Educators.


  • 1. Social Media for Educators Final Presentation Amy Estroff March 2010
  • 2. Most Useful Tool
    • For me, the most useful tool of this course has been either Ning or Glogster. I was able to expand my understanding of the Ning network and create a site that I really hope will catch on. I am really proud of it!
    • Glogster will also be a great tool for me to use in my teaching. At least once a week, I will mention something in my classes and it would be so nice to have a current, self-created collage at my fingertips. I also plan to have my students use this tool in a project during the 4th quarter. If I can handle it, I know they can!
  • 3. Success and Challenge
    • My successes have been in the form of my Ning and Glogster projects, as mentioned previously. In addition, I do plan to spend more time on my Delicious account. That has great possibility.
    • The tool that I initially struggled with and continue to struggle with is Twitter. I know that this can be a valuable resource, but I have had a hard time getting into it. To be honest, even after doing the initial research, I am still slightly confused by everything involved. I tried to make some appropriate connections and to tweet and/or reply to interesting topics, but I just don't think it is for me!
  • 4. Online Learning & Moodle
    • This has been a great experience for me. Learning online gave me the flexibility to study, research, and complete assignments at the most convenient times. I appreciate that our teacher was available and quick to respond to questions or concerns. I also really enjoyed being able to read classmates' feedback with the option to reply to their comments.
    • This being my first online learning experience, Moodle was a good place to start. The interface was user-friendly and well-organized. I'm looking forward to the next class!
  • 5. Ning Spain 2010
  • 6. Twitter
  • 7. Delicious
  • 8. Glogster
  • 9. Nice meeting you, everyone!
    • Happy Social Networking!