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    Smartwatch : What it is all about?:-

    Since wrist watches became more and more popular, people started imagining to increase the efficiency of a watch by

    giving it extra features rather than only displaying the time. And the idea of smartwatch came in the mid of 1980.

    Although it was there from 80s, it become popular in the last couple of years. The Hollywood films played important

    role in paving future concepts for smartwatches, as smartwatch like watches were an important element in the 20th

    century movies like Dick Tracy (1940s), Star Trek (1970s), and more prominently in James Bond series. Although it

    looks very stylish, one has to understand what the smartwatch is, how it works, and more importantly is it really needed

    to buy a smartwatch?

    What is Smartwatch?

    In simple words, a smartwatch is a digital wrist watch with screen and having functions nearly same as your smart

    phone, so it can do much more than just displaying the time. The increased demand for smartwatches in developing and

    developed countries has created a great demand for top mobile app development company to develop apps for


    How does the smartwatch work?

    To get the full functionality of a smartwatch, it needs to be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth pairing, or

    some devices allow connecting via NFC chips for quick and easy setup. If a smartwatch is not connected to a

    smartphone, it may function nothing other than only displaying the time.

    Once a smartwatch is connected to a smartphone, you can choose what notifications you want to get on your wrist,

    which can include notifications of emails, messages, social networks and calls too. To inform you about notifications, it

    will blink and/or vibrate on your wrist. Its upon you which settings you want to get the notifications alert, as if you

    can on/off the notifications.

    The smartwatches have touch screen, rechargeable battery and graphical display. The functionality varies from

    smartwatch to smartwatch, but calculations, translations, game-playing, controlling via app what music is playing on

    your smartphone etc are the basic functionalities of most of the smartwatches.

    Latest smartwatches include the peripheral devices like camera, speaker, thermometer, compass, GPS receiver, and SD

    card. Also softwarelike calculator, map display, and scheduler etc.

    Now sport watch is booming in the market, as it is having the functionality of activity tracker. The activity tracker is

    an app which tracks and monitors fitness related metrics like how much distance you will walk, how many steps you

    will take, calorie consumption, and heartbeat rate etc.


  • Top Smartwatch Brands

    So while searching for the best smartwatch, the factors should be considered are how much functionalities of your

    smartphone can it perform, and how efficiently it will handle each task, and last but not least is the style and look as

    its the first impression.

    There are various smartwatches available in the market with various features. The most awaiting watches in 2016 are

    Apple watch-2, Blocks, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch, Samsung Triathlon, HTC smartwatch.

    Are you thinking Smartwatch App Development?

    To make your smartwatch really smarter, you have to choose the best apps. There are lots of apps for smartwatches

    also, but only app becomes best if it is well functioned as well as user friendly.

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