Smart Use of Social Media in Recruitment

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My slides from the Social Media In Recruitment Conference on the 19th April 2012 #SMIR


  • 1. BrubakerHRCollaborative InsightBHR Gareth Jones Inmate
  • 2. The Smart Use ofSocial MediaSocial Media in RecruitmentConference.19th April 2012 #SMIR
  • 3. We wantedto.
  • 4. Human social networks andcommunities are both well established,robust social structures that pre datetheir online counterparts by a amillennia. Humans naturallygravitate to and desire theinteractions that these structuresallow. We want to belong.Dr Michael Wu
  • 5. Takeaway Number One: This is no fad. It is not going away.
  • 6. The power ofthe crowd
  • 7. Insight
  • 8. Increase Revenue Potential
  • 9. Reduce Costs
  • 10. 100% support calls through community No agents or call centresFastest growing telco in the UK Net promoter score of 73
  • 11. The 300% increase in searchengine placement for top keywords a natural product of their communitys open, dynamic conversation is itself worth millions. Hewlett Packard Community
  • 12. Takeaway Number Two: Conversation is the new currency.
  • 13. If its good enough forcustomers
  • 14. ..its good enough for candidates and employees too.
  • 15. Social is not about websites or marketing
  • 16. This is my place, not yours
  • 17. Social is not a stand alonefeature or technology its aculture. It should be integratedin all business processes: Insideand outside of companies.Dr Michael Wu
  • 18. Technology is slowly returningus back to the more humanrelationships that a fast pacedworld has pressured us intocompromising.Dr Michael Wu
  • 19. Get everyone involved inhiring. which means giving everyone inside the organisation unlimited, unmonitored and uncontrolled access to social tools. No excuses.
  • 20. You cant be social outside if you are not social inside INNOVATION Marke:ng HR FEEDBACK INSIGHT NPD COMMUNITY LOYALTY Product ADVOCACY Resourcing Dev TRUST OPENESS Sales COLLABORATION
  • 21. Failing to embrace the internalconversation is like putting a MorrisMinor engine in one of these it wont work, it will ruin the experience and you will be found out.
  • 22. Dont build talent communities get your employees involved in their own communities, communities that already exist sh where the sh are.
  • 23. Talk to candidates over socialchannels stop ignoring them and embrace the conversation.
  • 24. Stop advertising, start sourcing avoid the chronic inefciencies of driving applicants and improve your candidate experience
  • 25. Turn your recruiters intocommunity managers forget traditional KPIs CVs, interviews, calls etc. Focus instead on network/ community growth.
  • 26. Leadership isabout the storiesthat are toldabout you bothpositive andnegative. Youll bejudged by thosestories more thananything you sayor write.
  • 27. Employer BrandLeadership isabout the storiesthat are toldabout you bothpositive andnegative. Youll bejudged by thosestories more thananything you sayor write.
  • 28. Takeaway Number Three:Big change is coming in recruitment
  • 29. We are in the Compuserve-Prodigy-AOL stage of social media evolu
  • 30. Further reading/viewingThe Science of Social: Beyond Hype, Likes and FollowersDr Michael Wu The Starsh and The Spider Ori Brafman and Rod A BeckstromThe Cultural Anthropology of Stack ExchangeJoel Spolsky
  • 31. Thank you! Gareth Jones 07880 742581