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Dholera SIR Investments Ltd

Complete End-to-End Solution to Farming BusinessCall (India): +91-7738332223Call (USA): +1-650-784-9418www.SmartCropAgroTech.comEmail:

AgendaAbout UsReasons for our Agro-tech Start-up Company What we are looking for in our Investment Problems in Traditional InvestmentsReal Estate V/s Agriculture InvestmentMyth about Farming investmentsBenefits of Our Farming InvestmentOur End-to-End Farming ActivitiesOur Future Plans - for Expansion Agriculture Innovative Future TechnologiesPM Narendra Modis Initiatives for Farming IndustryOur Investment Scheme & Sample Profit CalculationContact UsCall: +91-7738332223 Email:

About UsProfessionally Managed Company doing End-to-End Farming from past 20 years on behalf of our Clients / Investors who want to secure their investment with high profit.We are team of USA, UK returned Visionary IT Professionals, NRIs, Entrepreneurs, Farming experts etc Motto: REVIVE INDIAN AGRICULTUREMission: Provide the best services to our Investors and give them high return in short time through Innovative, Hi-Tech, High Yield farming.Call: +91-7738332223 Email:


Farming Investment Scheme (FIS)Anyone from Anywhere can invest in Farming now.Investment Capital Refunded back after 1 YearEstimated Profit 80% to 90% at end of 2nd year (i.e. Approx. Profit 3% to 4% Per Month)We take care of End-to-End Farming activities for Investors like Farming Land Acquisition, Plantation, harvesting, Machinery Renting, Labour & Water Management, Selling of Farm Products etc.You dont need to be a farmerYou dont need to have your own Land for Farming

Call: +91-7738332223 Email:

Reasons for our Agro-tech Start-up CompanySupport Our PM Narendra Modis Mission Green IndiaReduce Global Warming & Improve Air quality around usImport Latest Farming Techniques from Overseas (Eg: Hi-Tech, Hybrid, High yield techniques from ISRAEL)94% of Netherlands GDP is from Farming while its only 4-5% in India. So Huge Scope for expansion in Agro Business. We have in-house team of experts to take care of entire Supply Chain for End-to-End farmingEnormous Support from Government to GO-GREEN initiative after Sikkim is declare 100% Organic StateTo Bridge the Gap for Huge Demand and Less Supply in Agriculture fieldLastly, Extremely High Return (ROI) due to Innovative and Technology Based Hi-Tech, High Yield Farming techniques

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What we are looking for in our InvestmentSecurity of our Capital InvestedMinimum RiskHigh ROI (Return on Investment) Fast ReturnMoney should grow automaticallyReturn should come in regular intervals

Call: +91-7738332223 Email:

Investment ToolsProblemsBank FD, Bonds etcExtremely Low Return Investment Just around 8%/Annum,FlatsVery High Initial Investment Cost, Money gets locked, May not give good return due to lack of Demand Land / PlotsVery High Initial Investment Cost, Money gets locked, Return depends upon development in the locality.GoldVery High Initial Investment Cost, Secure but Extremely low (or NO) return investment Equity / SharesVery Risky investment, Low / Uncertain ReturnEnd-to-End Farming with usVery Low Initial Investment, No Risk, Extremely High Return in short time.

Problems in Traditional InvestmentsCall: +91-7738332223 Email:


Problems in Real EstateSolutions in AgricultureMore Supply & Less DemandLess Supply & More DemandHigh Initial InvestmentModerate Initial InvestmentROI (Return On Investment) is Low ROI is very high due to high yield & DemandProfit Return is after Long time (5 Yrs)Profit Return in very short time (in 1-2 year)Less liquidity as Money gets locked for long termMore Liquid investment as Capital & Profit gets released in short timeSelling of Property Takes Long timeSelling & Encashing is SpontaneousProperty price will Decline due to Government Control of Black MoneyAgriculture Products profitability will increase due to Government Enormous supportMore Headache in Obtaining - Licenses, Permissions, Liaison etcNo Compliances requiredHuge Capital Gain Tax after SellFarm income is 100% TAX FREE for FarmersSelling of Property Takes Long timeSelling & Encashing is SpontaneousCharges Stamp Duty, Registration, etcNo Hidden Charges Cant Export Real Estate PropertyVery Good Return in Export of Agro ProductsReal Estate Field is now at SaturationAgro & Organic Food is Upcoming & EmergingRisk of Capital Depreciation-low DemandCapital Depreciation Probability is very Low

Real Estate V/s Agriculture InvestmentRemember: Humans can survive without Home but NOT WITHOUT FOOD !!Call: +91-7738332223 Email:


Myth about Farming investmentsVery Laborious workInitial setup cost for Farming, Equipment, Irrigation is very highVery Low return / Loss making BusinessReturn is not guaranteedCant be trusted as Primary source of IncomeI need to Own a Land to do FarmingI need to be present on Farm to invest in farming

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Low Risk Agro products has high demand & low supply.High Return We are using only Innovation & Tech based Hybrid seed for high and quality yield.Agriculture Profit is 100% Tax free for FarmersClients presence not required. As we take care of End-to-End Farming activitiesYou need not own a land to start investing in farmingOn Demand site visit to Farms for Our InvestorsHighly Technically Expert Team for farmingNew Employment Generation for poor labors

Benefits of our Farming InvestmentCall: +91-7738332223 Email:

Our End-to-End Farming ActivitiesAcquire Land/ Green House for Farming activitiesSupply Chain Management Buy Seeds, Fertilizers, Insecticide, Pesticide etc. Farming Equipments Arrangement on siteLabor Management on siteWater, Irrigation ManagementPlant MaintenanceSelling of Farm products in Wholesale MarketOf course, Return Profit to our Investors ! Call: +91-7738332223 Email:

Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for Commercial Production Units of Organic Inputs under National Center on Organic Farming (NCOF) from NABARD


Our Future Plans for ExpansionEstablish In-House Moringa Leaf Powder FactoryExport Moringa Leaf Power as Distributor OverseasGreen House Cultivation ExpansionOrganic Farming & CertificationsOpen Organic Food Retail Outlets in MumbaiDairy Farming, Milk Based Products & Animal HusbandryStart Frozen Food & Cold Storages in WarehousesExplore Vertical Farming for high yieldResearch & Innovation Center establishmentTraining & Consultancy Services to help poor farmers for spreading & upgrading knowledge about Hi-Tech and High Yield FarmingCall: +91-7738332223 Email:

Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for Commercial Production Units of Organic Inputs under National Center on Organic Farming (NCOF) from NABARD


Agriculture Innovative Future TechnologiesModern Farming Machinery / EquipmentsSoil-less Farming, Vertical Farming & Roof-top FarmingBIOSAT (Biochar based organic Soil Amendment Technology)M-Commerce -Softwares for Productivity Insight & Harvest Forecast, Direct to Farmer Mobile AppsSolar-powered Farming Equipments & Monitoring toolWeather Forecast & Monitoring Tools, Network IntegratorAutomation Via Large Scale Robotics & Micro-RobotsAir, Crop & Soil Sensors - for Real-time trackingLivestock Biometrics Real-time livestock informationGenetically Modified Crop, Tissue CultureClosed Ecological Systems & Synthetic Biology

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Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for Commercial Production Units of Organic Inputs under National Center on Organic Farming (NCOF) from NABARD






Investment SchemeDescriptionInvestmentOne Time CapitalCapital RefundAfter 1 YearProfit ReturnAfter 1.5 to 2 YearsInvestment Term 2 YearsCapital Lock-in Period1 Year

Our High Profitable Investment SchemeNOTE: Contact Us for More Profitable and Long Term SchemesCall: +91-7738332223 Email:


Sample Profit Ca