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  • 1. SLOVAK FASHION NIGHT IN NEW YORK 2011 May 13th, 2011 from 7.30 PM @ CAPITALE, 130 Bowery Street, New York, NY 10003Page 1

2. The Sixth Annual SLOVAK FASHION NIGHT is the signature event of the Consulate General of the Slovak Republic in New York and the +421 Foundation Inc., in cooperation with the Permanent Mission of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations and the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. The event will be held in New York City on May 13, 2011 at 7.30 PM in CAPITALE, 130 Bowery Street, New York ( 2 3. SLOVAK FASHION NIGHT IN NEW YORK 2011 Page 3 4. Slovakian designers: Zlatica Hujbertiva, Paulina Polonyov, Ingrid Budovsk in tandem with the Austrian designer Adriane Magdalene Toth and Mialy Sehenorepresenting Madagascar.The evening will be hosted by the American actor Brad Pennington and the Slovakiancelebrity host Tamara Heribanova. very own Double Cross Vodka will provide delicious cocktails to all inattendance while DJ Eitan Noyze spins the after party.Page 4 5. FASHION FIGHTS MALNUTRITION !Slovak Fashion Night 2011 will benefit the MAVENTY HEALTH INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION, Madagascar Children Malnutrition Project.Page 5 6. MADAGASCARMadagascar, or Republic of Madagascar (older name Malagasy Republic) is anisland nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa. The mainisland, also called Madagascar, is the fourth-largest island in the world.Madagascar is also one of the poorest countries in the world. As poverty andmalnutrition go hand in hand,it is no surprise that nearly 50% ofpopulation suffers from malnutrition with children andelderly being the most vulnerable.Page 6 7. SLOVAKIA AND MADAGASCAR Maurice Benyowsky (1746 - 1786) left a legacy of a brave explorer, a knight carrying the flag of liberty over three continents, unifier of Madagascar,a citizen of the world. Baron Benyowsky was a nobleman of Slovak origin. He began his career as an officer in the Seven Years War. Because of his rebellious attitude in matters of religion and towards authorities he had to leave the country. In 1768 Benyowsky joined the Polish Confederation to fight side by side with Pulaski brothers for independence of Poland from the Russian rule. After being captured by Russians in 1770 he was sent into exile to the east Siberia (Kamchatka). However he managed to escape from the captivity. He then commandeered a Russian battleship and set out for a discovery trip through the Northern Pacific (well before James Cook and J. F. La Perouse) along the Aleutians, Alaska, Japan, Formosa (Taiwan), arriving in Macao in 1771. He also visited the huge island of Madagascar off the African coast, then still independent and ruled by countless native chieftains. In 1772 Benyowsky eventually arrived in France, where he suggested to the King Louis XV that he should establish a French colony on Formosa or Madagascar. The king appointed him as Governor of Madagascar, gave him the title of count and sent him off to Madagascar. In 1774 Benyowsky arrived in Madagascar with a corps of volunteers. He established a colony at Maroantsetra called Louisborg. Besides building the French presence and geographically exploring the island he was unifying tribes. In 1776 local kings elected him as their Ampansacabe of Madagascar (Emperor). Among other things he introduced Latin script for the Madagascar language.Page 7 8. MAP OF BENYOWSKYs TRAVELSPage 8 9. SLOVAKIA AND MADAGASCAR In 1776 Benyowsky was promoted to French General and awarded the Order of Saint Louis. Later he returned to Central Europe and elaborated a project of Austrias access road to the Mediterranean and was empowered to take control of Madagascar in the name of Austria. In Paris he became a close friend of Benjamin Franklin and Kazimir (Casimir) Pulaski . In 1779 Benyowsky followed Pulaski to America and offered his services in the American Revolution. He joined General Pulaski for the tragic Savannah battle, where Pulaski died in his friends hands.In 1781 Benyowky returned to America with a project of recruiting in Europe an American Legion to help the Revolution. The project was favorably evaluated. In 1783 Benyowsky presented his Memoirs and Travels (in French) to J. H. Magellan (a descendant of Ferdinand M.) for publication in the United Kingdom. With Benjamin Franklins assistance he founded an American-British company for business with Madagascar.In 1784 Benyowsky left Baltimore on board the Intrepid provided by Baltimore businessmen Messonier and Zollikofer. Back in Madagascar Benyowsky challenged in the name of his empire the European powers. Benyowsky perished as Malagasy monarch in 1786 in fights with the French.Thanks to the help of Benjamin Franklin, Benyowskys descendants kept the spirit of cosmopolitanism and can be found all across Europe, as well as in the United States.Page 9 10. MAVENTY MALNUTRITION PROJECT Maventy Health International goal is to provide nutritional support to thelocal villagers on an ongoing basis. Through weight, height, headcircumference and BMI ratios, the severely undernourished children andadults are being identified and attention is being paid to their ongoingsupport, monitoring and follow up. www.maventy.orghuman lives, improve health and quality of life through the most modern ways of prevention Page 10 11. VIP PASSPage 11 12. HOW CAN YOU HELP By purchasing a VIP pass you will support the Maventy Foundation Madagascar Malnutrition Project. VIP pass will provide you with VIP seating arrangements , VIP lounge access and a gift bag.Page 12 13. HOW TO BUY A VIP TICKETVIP passes may be purchased on-line till May 8th 2011 through - SUPPORT US / DONATE ON LINE - CAPITAL ONE BANKmark your donation SFN VI or send a check payable to the +421 Foundation, mailed to +421 Foundation, P.O. Box 4114, NY 10163 (memo SFN VI) VIP pass may be purchased for amount of $ 150.00 per personPage 13 14. One VIP ticket purchased for the amount of 150.00 USD will cover a 2 month malnutrition treatment for 100 childrenMartin Malachovsky, MD, MPHMaventy Foundation InternationalPage 14 15. GENERAL DONATION ADMISSIONPage 15 16. GENERAL DONATION ADMISSIONGeneral donation entrance fee for the event is 30.00 USD per person, tickets may be purchased at the venue from 7.30 PM.Page 16 17. VENUE CAPITALE, 130 BOWERY, NEW YORKPage 17 18. / info@plus421.orgPage 18