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  • 1. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Samir S. Kraziem, P.A Direct Line (786)515-8957Fax (305)492-7659 Email Keyes Real Estate Company Real Estate Proposal

2. About Samir Kraziem

  • Faith & Hope
  • Proud father & husband
  • Certifiedhome inspector
  • Licensed Real Estate
  • Bachelor in business administration
  • Masters degree in computers Science
  • His commitment in writing
  • A marketingplan specifically for you
  • Global connection
  • Always working for you

3. My Personal Commitment to You

  • Working with the highest standardand work ethic
  • Its not about me, its about YOU and your needs
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • SkillfulNegotiator
  • World Class Marketing
  • EasyExit Listing Agreement: You are Not satisfied with my Work, fire me!
  • My Commitment to you in writing

4. Samir Kraziem & Keyes Company

  • Our business is people; service and Real Estate are my products. Communication and information are my tools. With skill, care, and knowledge I match buyer and seller for a meeting of the minds!!
  • We are committed to give the best and most efficient services we are capable of.
  • We look for opportunities and are not afraid to capitalize on them.
  • We believe in treating others as we wish to be treated; that is courteously, professionally, and with respect and care.
  • We have the necessary experience, knowledge, and desire to market your property to your complete satisfaction.
  • The size of our success is measured by your satisfaction!* .


  • What determines your property price ?

6. Why must I list my property with Samir? Because He will sell it fast. 7. Probability of selling your property when listed with Samir SamirOthers 8. Marketing Plan

  • Pre-Listing Activities
  • Research Average days on market for this property type, price range, and location
  • Prepare Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) to establish fair market value
  • Present CMA Results to seller, including comparables, sold , and expired
  • Share active listing information
  • Discuss goals with seller to market effectively
  • Advise Network Referral Program of listing
  • Provide marketing data to buyer coming through international relocation networks
  • Submit ads to companys participating internet real estate sites
  • Place regular weekly update calls to seller to discuss marketingand pricing


  • 90 day listing agreement .3TO 6% Commission
  • I commit to providing you with top notch service and support.
  • I have a clear understanding of your property's value.
  • I create an individualized marketing plan designed for your property
  • If you are Serious about selling your propertThen pick up the phone and call me

10. 11. 12. MY HARD WORK FOR THIS YEAR If you are Serious about selling your house.Then pickup the phone and call me Sold in two weeks Sold in 45 days Sold in two Months 13. Sold in two Months Sold in Three Weeks Sold in 30 days 14. Sold in one week Sold in 65 Days Sold in Three Months Sold in Three Months 15. Sold in two Months 16. Under Contract 17. New Listing 18.

  • SAMIR KRAZIEM, P.A.786-515-8957