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  1. 1. Distressed Denim: Levis Tries to Adapt to the Yoga Pants Era Levi Strauss may have invented jeans, but it never saw yoga pants coming. Inside the effort to win back the hearts, and butts, of shoppers
  2. 2. Sights is Levi Strausss senior director for technical innovation, and the Telegraph Hill space is the companys research and development lab. There, Levis is overhauling its namesake brands entire womens line.
  3. 3. His new technique, inspired by the makeup industry, is called contouring. What is it? Use lasers to etch away the top layer of indigo Highlighting the center of the leg so the inner and outer thighs appear to recede into the background, helping the leg look slimmer. Whisker patterns on the thighs are applied to draw the eye away from the edge of the hips Chevrons run along the legs to give an elongated impression
  4. 4. Left: Designers borrowed the cosmetics concept of contouring to make legs look skinnier. Right: Sightss desk at the San Francisco laband his indigo-stained fingernails.
  5. 5. Two decades ago, Levis was bigger than Nike, with revenue exceeding $7 billion. Sales have since sagged to $4.8 billion
  6. 6. The introduction of athleisure AKA Yoga Pants
  7. 7. Levis finally introduced the new womens line earlier this month, at an event in Manhattans clubby Meatpacking District
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