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  • 1. Creating Rich User Experiences Brad Abrams Group Program Manager http:// /BradA Arturo Toledo Product Manager

2. What is user experience? 3. What is user experience? Coffee? Entertainment? Consumer Goods? Windows Vista Office 2007 4. ROI for UX Ease of Use Richness Success Productivity Retention ComprehensionConversion Satisfaction Excitement Repeat Use Return-on-Investment 5. UX Principles for Ease of Use Share Suggest Predict Preserve 6. UX Principles for Richness Look Great Immediate ResponseFlow 7. Windows Live Demo 8. ASP.NET Atlas

  • A framework for building next generation, cross-platform, browsing experiences
    • Ubiquitous, cross-platform, browser support
    • Most-productive framework for building AJAX-enabled web applications
    • Rich tool support for designer and developerworkflow
    • No cost, free tool support, easy to use

9. ASP.NET Atlas Web Server IE Firefox Safari Browser Clients Atlas ClientJavaScript Libraries AtlasUIGlitz.js AtlasGadgets.js AtlasFX.js AtlasCompat.js AtlasRuntime.js Apache & PHP ColdFusion IIS & ASP.NET JSON Bridge Support Membership & Personalization Support ASP.NET Server Control Integration 10. Unifying the Designer Developer Process Designer Emotional Connection Look, behavior, data visualization, usability, brand impact Developer Functional Capabilities Deployment, function, data connection and integrity, IT process, security JScript C# VB.NET Paper JPG / TIFF MOV / WMV PSD PPT XHTML CSS XSLT 11. Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express Edition 12. Expression Web Designer The DiceDepot Demo Arturo Toledo Product Manager 13. 14. Atlas The DiceDepot Demo 15. 16. 17. Atlas has enabled Squeet users to have a rich user experience You cant ask for a more powerful and easy-to-use API. Hamed Shojaee, President, Axosoft, LLC 18. 19. Considering how time-consuming traditional AJAX can be to implement, Atlas seems almost like magic! Arthur Wait, Dev Manager, TitleZ 20. 21. Atlas 22. But that is not all.... 23. Xaml 24. New York Times Reader Demo Windows Presentation Foundation 25. Demo Xaml in DiceDepot Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere 26. How Do I Get Started?

  • Atlas Community Technology Preview
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  • Atlas community site:
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  • Expression Designer
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  • Learn more about Xaml
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27. 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary. Atlas: Your code. Our Passion.