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  • 1. Smiling Sherpas

2. 7 social media problems we solve. 3. #1Youre anti-social. 4. Solution:Well explain why social media is importantfor your biz and turn you into a fan. 5. #2You dont even know where to start. 6. Solution: Well get you all set-up onthe various social media channels.(see our Basecamp Package) 7. #3You dont have time to deal with social media. 8. Solution:Well manage your accounts for you. (see our Expedition Package) 9. #4You want a cool Facebook welcome page. 10. Solution: Well create an eye-catchingwelcome page that gets results.(well even include an email signup form). 11. #5You want a cool Google+ profile banner.(you knowthat photo bannerthat makes five photos out of one.) 12. Solution:We know how to do that too. 13. #6 Youve heard about Pinterest,but youre just not sure how to use it for biz. 14. Solution:We create boards that build brands. 15. #7You really dont understand the importanceof having an online community. 16. Solution: Well explain why communities matter,and then well help you create a following. 17. Lets Climb.For more information, visit