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  1. 1. Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC)Community Application Opportunity
  2. 2. Call to Action Help deliver on themission of personalizedlearning Request for proposals tocreate two SLC basedapplications Bounty of $75,000 perapplication 2
  3. 3. Application 1Student Data Aggregation Calculator Using SLC technology, the student data aggregation calculator app should createa flag in the SLC data store and allow for aggregation of student data for thatflag, resulting in a display of all the students that meet the conditions of the flag. Student data can include achievement, enrollment, and biographical dataassociated with students. The application should store both the flag and definition of the condition but notthe result set within the SLC data store. The application should allow flags andcondition definitions to be added, deleted, and edited. The most compelling application will be easy to use, allow the greatest flexibilityto the user, and present the results in a visually appealing manner. For example, a teacher may wish to see all of the students in their class who are eligible for honor role. The teacher would define the flag as honor role; define the condition of honor role as any student with a GPA of 3.5 or higher; and the results would be the student name and GPA. 3
  4. 4. Application 2Student Groupings Tool The student groupings tool would allow a teacher to view a list of students andarrange them into groups. The teacher could create multiple groups and couldname the groups for easy reference. When the teacher creates a group, they could associate a student data elementwith the group. The associated data element would then be displayed for thegroup. If the teacher selects a student within the group they should be able to see allstudent data the teacher has access to, which could be done via the SLCeducator dashboard app. The most compelling application will make it easy to create and edit groups anddisplay the groups in the most visually appealing manner. For example, a teacher selects students A, B, C, and D and places them into a group called cohort-1 and selects student GPA as the associated data element. The resulting view is a group labeled cohort-1 with student A, B, C, D and their corresponding GPA next to their name. 4
  5. 5. More InformationTimeline October 2, 2012 (11:59pm PT): Developer proposals are due to SLC Submit proposals to October 21, 2012: Two applicants will be selected one for each application and announced at SLC Camp New York and contacted directly by SLC. January 13, 2013: Final applications received by SLC for subsequent release.Proposal Evaluation: Completeness of proposal Fit with original guidelines Richness of features and functionality Feasibility for delivery in the allowable timeframeQuestions? SLC team will be available to answer questions during SLC camps in Chicago (Sept 8th & 9th, 2012) and Boston (September 29th & 30th, 2012). Additional information about the SLC camps can be found at apps-bounty SLC will host 3 conference calls/WebEx between Sep 8 Oct 2 to answer questions. Dates will be posted. 5