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Skylore from Planet Earth:: stories from around theworld...PLEIADESDayle Brown 1 / 5Publisher : AuthorHouseRelease Date : 2 / 5The starry night sky has always filled us with wonder. Down through the ages we have looked to theskies and have seen images of our heroes, gods, and monsters. Storytellers have illustrated theirmythologies and legends with it, passing on to future generations the customs of their people. Manyof these stories have survived to the present. In this Skylore from Planet Earth we explore some ofthe stories about the star cluster PLEIADES. Since The Pleiades is located almost directly over theearth's equator, people from the entire planet have looked to it for a reminder of their own traditions.Fifteen richly illustrated stories take the reader on a trip around the world, giving a glimpse into thehistories and cultures of the planet's early civilizations. Six books in this series will feature other skyphenomena as seen from early cultures around the world. Read stories about the constellationORION (available now), the planet VENUS, our MILKY WAY GALAXY, the SUN, and the MOON.Download Full PDF Here 3 / 5 : 1425922015Author : Dayle BrownDownload Here 4 / 5 Here to Download Full PDF by TCPDF ( 5 / 5