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Skin Care Tips brought to you by You can find information on basic skin care techniques to eliminate oily skin, home remedies, treatment and other methods that can leave your skin glowing and healthy. gives you exclusive access to India's dermatologists and cosmetologists and brings you detailed information on skin diseases, treatment, and diagnosis strategies.


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2. 21The 21st Century sure does keep us busy too busy to even carefor ourselves. If you find it difficult to keep track of what keepsyour skin healthy and glowing, all you have to do is follow justa few of the tips that we have covered below and youll findyour skin improve in more ways than one.Eat Right To Look GreatThe first thing we are going to cover is nutrition. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil offer many anti-Nutrition is one of the most important factors to helpaging benefits. They protect your heart, reduce yourkeep your skin healthy. Your skin absorbs nutrients risk of stroke, and may even lower your risk ofthrough the food you eat and topically, using thecreams and lotions that you may apply to your skin.While it is possible that you will not have the time tofigure out what foods will bring you maximum valuein terms of nutrition, were here to just tell youwhat to do. So the next time you are at the grocerystore, just remember the next few paragraphs.The antioxidants in colorful vegetables and fruits,such as leafy greens, deep red tomatoes,blueberries, and carrots, help stop unstablemolecules from damaging healthy cells. You cannotfeel it when some cells are damaged or dying, butyou can see it in the signs of aging, such as wrinkles.So at each meal, fill about half your plate with fruitsand vegetables.Dark green leafy vegetables -- spinach, kale, collard,and mustard greens -- help the most.Antioxidants like vitamin C can even keep your skinyounger-looking. A 2010 study showed that eatinglots of yellow and green vegetables was linked tofewer wrinkles. 2 3. Spending most of your time in the workplace or onthe field doesnt do your skin much good, especiallyif you are not taking the right precautions to protectyour skin.Daily Essentials To Help You Look GreatIf youre going to be braving the elements (or lets just say focusing onachieving your targets) youre going to need a few things to keep the elementsfrom eroding the life off your skin.When it comes to make up, it is really easy sometimes to forget that it needsto be removed before you go off to sleep. Make sure you use a cleanser beforeyou call it a dayWhile it may seem like a good idea to absorb your vitamins with 5 minutes ofSun exposure, it certainly isnt a great idea to get exposed for any longer.Your skin will react and certainly not in a positive manner.We understand that your daily lives dont give you a choice on the amount ofsun you are exposed to, but make sure you use a sunscreen that too a goodone which has an SPF greater than 30. It is advisable that you do this a fewtimes a day.You may not think much of this, but exercise can really go a long way inimproving the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin. It also releasesendorphins that generally reduce your muscular stress, hence having a directimpact on things like wrinkles.Make sure that whatever you do Moisturize. Indian climate can be quiteextreme in any given scenario and usually dries out your skin. Using amoisturizer helps restore the balance and keeps you looking fresh!3 4. Thank YouLook out for more from Yourtrusted source for the best information on Skin Care Sponsored by