ski jumping is a sport which use steep slopes from the mid-nineteenth century

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  • Ski jumping is a sport which use steep slopes from the mid-nineteenth century.

  • Ski traditions were in Malyszs family developed for a long time. His father was a driver in the Wisla sport club, and his uncle - John Szturc, first known ski jumper who after finishing his career was a club coach. They persuaded young Maysz at age of six to began training skiing

    In January 1993, at the age of 15 Maysz made his debut in the World Cup.

  • In autumn 1994, under the influence of coach Szturc he decided to leave Nordic combined and took up ski jumps. In the same year he joined Polish National Ski-Jump Team.

    In 1993, sixteen year-old Maysz won a bronze medal in the Polish Championships in the older junior category. After winning the title of Polish Masters Championships, he joined national ski-jump representation, which was led by that time by the Czech coach Pavel Mikeska.

  • In the 1994-95 season Adam made his debut in the competition of the Four Hills Tournament. Adam did not disappoint his fans - in Innsbruck, Austria he took 17th place in the World Championships in Thunder Bay (Canada) he was 10.

    1995-96 season was also very successful for our jumper he was 12 times classified in the top thirty in the World Cup in Holmenkollen, and eventually won the contest there. It was a major news then. In the final classification of our World Cup Maysz took a 7th position.

  • A year later, in the 1996/97 season Adam took 2nd place in Bischofshofen, and 3rd in Engelberg. He won competitions in Sapporo and Hakubo. But the biggest problem for Adam was made two equal jumps. The fact of being leader reflected on the distance during the second jump - he does not withstand mental preassure.

  • After the success in the years 1995 - 1997 the crisis came, and escalated personal problems. At that time, Adam married his school friend Izabela Polok. Pair had daughter Karolina. Jumping career was put aside for some time. Maysz could not cope with the new situation. He was resigned to the extent where he was considering ending his career, and start working as a roofer. Although many problems, his wife encouraged him to begin jumping again.

    Meanwhile, there has been a change of the coach. Pavel Mikeska was succeeded by Apoloniusz Tajner. Initial results of this cooperation resulted of Adam taking high positions in ski-jumps in the 1999/2000 season.

  • The real breakthrough, however, came in the 2000/2001 season. Adam was the winner of a very prestigious Four Hills Tournament. Later on he only confirmed that he was in great shape 5 World Cup competitions won in a row, silver and gold medals at World Championships in Lahti in individual contests, 11 wins in a season, and finally - getting Crystal Ball just proved how well Maysz felt and trained at that time. It really was a good season!

    2001/2002 season Polish master may also count as successful. Two Olympic medals - bronze and silver - are achievements, which Poland did not have in sports for 30 years. In an Olympic season ski-jumping level increased significantly, but Adam had managed to overcome the difficulties and won the Crystal Globe again.

  • the Crystal Globe again.After exciting two previous seasons, the time has come to start a new 2002/2003 season. The beginning of the season, however, was not lucky for Adam. When World Cup in Italian Predazzo were coming closer Adam decided to rebuild his old form, and give up two competitions. Later on, however, Adam was invincible and won gold medal in third tournament!

    But then, some problems struck again. This that not discouraged Maysz from defending the title he won two years before in Lahti - once again he did not disappoint his fans, and won the gold medal again!

  • Another season was 2003/2004. This season was not so successful as previous ones. Adam did not win any World Cup competition. But once again, he did not disappoint his fans in Zakopane and twice he took second place. In February, Adam had a terrible fall during practice in Salt Lake City which excluded him completely from further competition in the World Cup.

    On December 11th, 2004 Adam Malysz after more than a year and a half break won World Cup again in the Czech Harrachov. He won four events. In the general classification he eventually took fourth place. At World Championships in 2005 Adam failed to defend the title of the champion he gained two years before in Predazzo.

  • In the 2005/2006 season Adam did not have any significant successes. In the Four Hills Tournament took 35th place, and in Olympics he took 7th and 14th place. It was not until the end of the season he managed finally to win World Cup competition in Oslos Holmenkollen for the fourth time in this place, which is a record.

    In 2006, the first part of the season was unstable he finished Four Hills Tournament on 7th place. During World Cup in Sapporo he was typed as one of the leaders. He won the fourth gold medal for event of such importance. He managed to sustain his form until the end of the season.

  • He was the winner in Lahti, Kuopio and Oslo. At the end of the season Maysz won all three contests on the mammoth ski jumping hill in Planica (by this win he has already got 38 victories in World Cup competitions). With 134 points of dominance he won the overall classification, and won the fourth Crystal Globe.

    In 2010 season Adam was won silver medals at the Olympics in Vancouver !

  • Adams awards

  • Adam Maysz is the pride of our country !


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