six steps to successful socialtext implementation and adoption

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Practical advice on how to encourage use and adoption of Socialtext.


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Six Steps To Successful Socialtext

Implementation and Adoption

Encourage a range of use cases

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Broad Range of Use Cases

Recruit energetic champions

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Launch with hands-on activities

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Route repeated activities through Socialtext

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Complement existing systems of record

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Leverage the public Socialtext community

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Collaboration +

Social Networking

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Use Cases

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Company wide

Conversation: provide a place where everyone has a voice, and everyone can share ideas, bookmarks, pictures, news,

HR processes: New hire on-boarding Accounts payable Benefit enrolments

Sales & Marketing

Event planning Competitive intelligence Best practices (lead gen, prospects, closing) Customer / Account / Rep information Tracking and metrics

Accelerate sales cycles & win-rate

Dev / QA / Support

Feature planning Release schedules / milestone reports Problem reports, bug tracking / fixing Knowledge Base Product Documentation

Reduce time-to-resolution / implementation


Vendor Relationships (ex: Press Relations) Improve communication

Business Development & Partner Programs Grow channel revenue

Professional Services & Client Relations Increase customer satisfaction


Information repository


Task list

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