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Site Surveys. Presented by Burt Compton. Concept of the Soaring Site Survey. Based on the Swedish Soaring Federation mandatory Site Survey program which resulted in a decrease in the glider accident rate in Sweden by more than 50%. Soaring Site Survey. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Site SurveysPresented byBurt Compton

  • Concept of the Soaring Site Survey...Based on the Swedish Soaring Federation mandatory Site Survey program which resulted in a decrease in the glider accident rate in Sweden by more than 50%.

  • Soaring Site Survey...You must invite the Soaring Safety Foundation to conduct a survey. A soaring site cannot fail a site survey - it is a observation of glider operations.A one-day visit includes an evening Safety Seminar to discuss concerns with all of the club members.

  • BenefitsIndependent, third-person observations.Generates a confidential verbal report.A basis to modify your Safety Culture.Reinforces your commitment to safety.Refreshes CFIG teaching techniques.Identifies your Good Ideas, to be shared.

  • Beyond The Bottom LineSave lives, prevent injuries.Reduce damage to aircraft and property.Save your club, and your soaring site.

  • Corrective ActionsAfter the Site Survey, club managers begin: Reviewing Ops Procedures Updating Manuals Giving Authority to the Safety Officer Strengthening Club Management Periodic Self-Evaluation

  • Site Surveys in 18 States2002 2005 CA (3)IL (2)VT (2) TXMI (2)NHNMWIMACO (3)MN (2)VATNIAPAFLNYAZ

  • Site Survey ChecklistClub Member ConcernsRecent IncidentsCurrent Operational AspectsManagement Structure

  • Site Survey ChecklistManagersSafety OfficerFlight InstructorsTow PilotsLine Crew

  • Site Survey ChecklistAirspaceAirportAircraft- Gliders- Towplanes

  • Site Survey ChecklistGround Handling Launch Point OrganizationTakeoff ProceduresAerotow and Release ProceduresLanding Patterns

  • Modifying the Safety CultureWeve always done it this way. Avoid operating in a bubble.Compliance with safety procedures by pilots of privately owned glidersAttitudes about risk managementConsistency in training / periodic checkoutsInstructor RecertificationSafety Meetings

  • Sharing The Good Ideas!

  • Common ObservationsLaunch Point OrganizationGround handling & securing of gliders.People & equipment along the takeoff line.

    Club Instructors Inconsistent training:no syllabusno student progress checks / pilot recordsdifferent checklistsdifferent landing pattern shapesdifferent stall/spin recognition trainingCFIG renewal by non-glider method

  • Common ObservationsTowpilots Diving after glider release,aggressive flying, rope management, taxi routes.

    Club ManagementPoor record keeping, especially pilot currency.Not establishing authority of a Safety Officer.

    Rescue Equipment / Emergency Plan

  • Common ObservationsStrange checklists, if any.Flying high above the towplane wake.Flying square patterns in relation to landmarks on the ground.Lack of awareness of new procedures / sources of training and safety information. Insisting on doing it the old way.

  • Crew Resource ManagementGlider PilotTowpilot Wing Runner

  • Burts TriangleSafetyFunThe Bottom Line

  • Dont Lose Sight of Safety!SafetyFunThe Bottom Line

  • Invite the SSF

    Soaring Site Survey

    Flight Instructor Recertification Clinic (FIRC) Speak at your Soaring Safety Seminar

  • Contact the Soaring Safety

    SSF Trustees:Rich Carlson (Chairman)Bernald SmithGene HammondBob WanderBurt Compton


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