Sir Andrew hands over European Air Group ??Sir Andrew hands over European Air Group post ... nations operating similar aircraft types such as Typhoon, Atlas A400M ... credit ratings of military

Download Sir Andrew hands over European Air Group  ??Sir Andrew hands over European Air Group post ... nations operating similar aircraft types such as Typhoon, Atlas A400M ... credit ratings of military

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<ul><li><p>Royal Air Force News Friday, January 29, 2016 P13</p><p>Sir Andrew hands over European Air Group post</p><p>EuropEAn Air powEr</p><p>in brief</p><p>news</p><p>The UK has handed over the directorship of the seven-nation european Air Group to Spain.</p><p>The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford, who has held the position for two years, formally welcomed his successor Spanish Air Chief Gen Javier Garcia Arnaiz at Air Command this month.</p><p>The handover comes as the EAG steps up its drive to standardise operating procedures amongst partner nations operating similar aircraft types such as Typhoon, Atlas A400M transporter and remotely piloted platforms.</p><p>The group has also recently launched the European Personnel Recovery Centre to co-ordinate and develop rescue operations during combat and humanitarian missions.</p><p>ACM Pulford said: The European Air Group is more important now than it was ever envisaged to be.</p><p>The exciting thing in my two years </p><p>with the EAG is the ability it has to act as the European lead beyond just the seven nations who are part of it. It has broader significance within NATO.</p><p>A highlight is establishment of the European Personnel Recovery centre in Italy.</p><p>It is a practical example of European co-operation which is delivering solutions in not just the partner nations but across the European community.</p><p>It is an advisory body with permanent staff and a centre of </p><p>excellence for all personnel recovery techniques and procedures even those outside Europe can go to it for advice.</p><p>He added: The EAG is focused on the need for greater understanding amongst member nations and work is ongoing on the interoperability of fourth and fifth generation fighters not just the Eurofighter Typhoon.</p><p>European Air Transport Command is harmonising air transport across Europe and that was born within </p><p>the EAG.A400M is a new aircraft type but </p><p>the procedures it will contribute to member states is more important.</p><p>Speaking after taking up the post, Spanish Air Chief General Javier Garcia Arnaiz added: The EAG is entering an important era and continues to turn ideas into products that are usable.</p><p>We have put into practice a number of things in Afghanistan and other deployments since then.</p><p>The EAG came into being because we noticed that, although we flew together, we were not truly interoperable, not just in terms of equipment but also in terms of mindset.</p><p>That has changed. We are pushing towards full interoperability and a lot of great work has be done.</p><p>The European Personnel Recovery Centre has a great future and will make a real difference. We are now looking towards doing similar things with Force Protection.</p><p>Banks pledge better deals for UK ForcesArmed ForceS personnel posted overseas will be able to rent out their homes without switching mortgages under new deals outlined this month.</p><p>The move is part of a drive to revamp the Armed Forces covenant with a range of measures to help Service personnel and their families.</p><p>currently, personnel who rent out their homes during deployment have to switch to a buy-to-let mortgage, often paying higher rates of interest. </p><p>Under the new deal agreed with mod chiefs military personnel will no longer have to change their mortgage, saving them time and money.</p><p>other measures being considered aim to ease pressures on Service personnel and their families caused by frequent house moves and deployments abroad.</p><p>Serving abroad can also hit the credit ratings of military personnel, </p><p>making it harder for them to secure mortgages and obtain loans.</p><p>The Forces can also lose out on benefits and cost savings such as no claims bonuses and discounts.</p><p>defence Secretary michael Fallon said: Looking after your home and your money can be more of a challenge when deployed on operations or serving abroad. </p><p>This is a welcome first step from the major banks and financial institutions to help our Servicemen and women get a better mortgage deal.</p><p>I look forward to further pledges from across the financial services sector to support the Armed Forces covenant.</p><p>Barclays, hSBc, Lloyds Banking Group, Santander UK, royal Bank of Scotland and Nationwide the UKs biggest building society will all offer the support.</p><p>of nearly 800 business signatories of the Armed Forces covenant, 29 are from the financial services sector.</p><p>Chefs spring into action with seasonal cook-off</p><p>ForCES FinAnCiAl</p><p>AiR PoweR AlliANce: Chief of the Air Staff ACM Sir Andrew Pulford hands over the directorship of the EAG to Gen Javier Garcia Arnaiz PHOTO: CPL SALLY RAIMONDO</p><p>CONINGSBY COOKERY aces are serving up some seasonal delights with their bid to win the latest Service-wide catering competion.</p><p>SACs Lisa Howarth and Al Bryson and Sgt Stan Bradder, pictured left, have come up with some mouth-watering dishes as they bid for top honours in a nationwide cook-off organised by defence catering group ISS.</p><p>The menu featured pulled lamb pitta, chive risotto with roasted broccoli and warm potato salad with plaice and radish.</p><p>SAC Bryson prepared a chicken and chorizo salad. He said: I came up with the kind of food I like to eat at home. </p><p>Its quick and easy to make and really healthy. Theres no fat or oil involved.</p><p>Lottery win for WWII radar kitThe GroUNd-BreAKING radar station which helped the rAF win the Battle of Britain has been saved by a 1.4 million lottery windfall.</p><p>The Bawdsey radar station in Suffolk was facing closure due to massive repair bills. </p><p>Local mP Therese coffey said: It is important we tell the story of the vital role Bawdsey played during World War II.</p><p>ForCES CAtErinG</p></li></ul>